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Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey alternatives and competitors

1 review
Temporarily block unproductive sites while working

Top alternatives for Cold Turkey

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Slash

    Slash is a new type of to do app that actually helps you get things done VS just make lists. Add your tasks, hit 'Start' to enter hyper focus mode, and never leave flow-state. Level up with Pomodoros, Eisenhower Matrix sorting, time-based tasks + more.
  • RescueTime

    4 reviews
    Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

    I love Rescuetime and have used it for more than a year. Affordable and a great way to manage how you are spending your time. It's not yet a…

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  • Serene

    9 reviews
    Say goodbye to digital distractions and hello to undisturbed deep work with Serene, the macOS app for laser focus.
  • Block Facebook

    Block Facebook is a Chrome Extension that helps you protect your privacy by blocking all URLs associated with Facebook (including Facebook tracking pixels).

    The recent Cambridge Analytica controversy adds to the long list of instances where Facebook has misused user data so it's time we do something about it.

    Plus, blocking FB is also good for productivity 😛

    Inspired by: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16632677

  • Focus

    1 review
    A Mac app to block distracting websites

    Focus is a Mac app that sits in your tool bar and helps you stay on task. Couple of killer features are the ability to schedule blocks of wo…

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  • Trackr

    Keep track of the time you spend on websites
  • RescueTime for Mobile

    4 reviews

    RescueTime’s new iOS and updated Android apps help you understand and control the time you spend on your phone so you can build healthier habits and focus on doing more of the things you love.

    - Automatically track your screen time

    - Set custom screen time goals and get alerted when you go over

    - See how your screen time impacts your focus

    Been a paying customer for the last 8 years, great product. One of the few apps that I'm more than willing to pay for.

  • Time Manager

    It’s actually very simple. It’s about breaking down your work into separate jobs and then using a timer to separate your time into periods of intensive work and short breaks.

  • Feedless

    1 review

    Feedless blocks your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds in Safari on your iPhone. You can use all other parts of the services as usual, we just block the feed. Take control of your time, and say goodbye to mindless scrolling!

    Started using this in beta a couple weeks ago and can honestly say it helps to adjust my behavior and break the bad habit of scroll addictio…

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  • DeskCover

    3 reviews

    DeskCover is an application for Mac that highlights the active application and shades all other windows.

    yep thats cool

  • Stop Twit Go Ship

    Stop Twit Go Ship is a Chrome extension that will redirect you randomly to Product Hunt, IndieHackers.com or Wip.chat if you try to go on Twitter.

    ⚓ Hope it helps you focus and keep shipping! ⚓

  • inFocus

    We've all had the issue: go to LinkedIn to quickly connect with someone or message them. But then, an article catches your eye. Then another article looks interesting. Then another. Before you know it, an hour has disappeared.

    inFocus helps you stay focused on LinkedIn by showing/hiding your feed so you can focus on networking and relationships.

  • PawBlock

    PawBlock is a browser extension that lets you choose which sites you want to stop yourself from accessing. It uses pictures of cute animals to provide some emotional motivation.

  • Infocus

    1 review

    Infocus is a simple Chrome extension that blocks distracting websites when you are trying to focus. It has a few neat features, such as periodic notifications to get you back on track and math problems to discourage you from disabling it :)

    I tried Infocus for one day and it was pretty good. I put FB and Messenger as the distracting websites. When the product is on, it closes FB…

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