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6 alternative and related products to Coinvet

Jobs marketplace. Crowdsource your hiring.

Coinvet is a new jobs and gigs marketplace

6 Alternatives to Coinvet

A new service for helping businesses recruit

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The recruitment market is big business - worth some $554 billion annually according to the most recent report from the World Employment Confederation. In the tech world, that translates into a big opportunity to build tools to make a recruiter's work easier, faster and more likely of su...
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Helping great companies find amazing board members

Hired Goons lets great companies find amazing independent board members to help them grow and scale.

James Gallagher
James Gallagher- Publicly Traded Person
This project was a board-member-as-a-service (BMaaS?) platform that allowed you to discover board members, as well as find companies who are interested in looking for board members.
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tl;dr - I built Hired Goons to help startups find great independent board members for their company. For more, read on... Starting a company is tough. Scaling it is even harder. The people you surround yourself with throughout that process - investors, advisors, mentors and board members - can make the difference between success and failure.
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Connecting great business with the best marketing pros is now called Credo ( and is the best way for businesses looking to hire an agency or consultant to put together the right project and then get introduced personally.

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Marketing Land
After working with a number of clients who had been burned by illicit consultants, John Doherty was inspired to create an agency that would help companies find reputable search marketing and SEO professionals.
Why change the name of a company that is, for all intents and purposes, just a few months old? If it's not broken, why fix it? Well, the answer is that the name HireGun was broken and I had to fix it. I believe that sometimes life has forcing mechanisms built into it.
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