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Easy Management of your Cryptocurrency Investments

Coins is a free and easy to use tool to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments. Create multiple portfolios and manage them yourself or with your team by inviting collaborators.

Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
7 Alternatives to Coins

CryptoMoney is A customizable dashboard for all your cryptocurrency needs.

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Making an awesome dashboard for your crypto currencies in 3 steps
If you have invested in crypto currencies in order to hodl them you might find yourself checking the prices every couple days hours minutes. I've been there and I wanted a way to have everything I care about on one page. So I implemented this simple Grafana dashboard on top of InfluxDB and polling the data via PHP.
The Crypto craze has not hit full saturation until I release some tool to monitor it. Since I enjoy building monitoring projects, I felt it was the right time to re-purpose the Docker Prometheus stack for something even more significant. Enter stage right, Monitoring Cryptocurrencies.
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Coinbase Asset Management is a managed, diversified cryptocurrency portfolio for accredited investors in the United States. 💸

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Investors can now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin through a new Coinbase cryptocurrency fund, instead of on the exchange.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Digital asset exchange Coinbase announced on Tuesday the launch of its first-ever index fund, marking the company's foray into asset management. The U.S. firm, the largest cryptocurrency company in the world and most recently valued at $1.6 billion, has formed a subsidiary called Coinbase Asset Management to oversee the new Coinbase Inde… See more
When you're the runaway leader in a growing industry, you typically have two opinions: A) Stay in your lane and let other companies pop up to solve the industry's problems, or B) Try to offer as many products as possible and own the entire customer experience from A-Z (no Amazon pun intended).
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HodlBot is a customizable automated portfolio management tool for cryptocurrency investors. Create your own portfolio or index, backtest historical performance & auto-execute the trades on the exhanges you are already using.

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Altcoin Buzz
HodlBot is a trading bot which offers cryptocurrency traders an opportunity to index the market and create custom portfolios and strategies whilst automatically rebalancing their positions. Currently HodlBot can only be used through Binance and Kraken however in the coming months more exchanges will be added along with the aim of on-boarding popular wallets.
Altcoin Buzz
Meet the new term " Portfolio Bouncing." Calvin, one of the founders of, began using pre-created automated portfolios to move in and out of positions quickly to reflect the market movements. That's how he came up with it. Before we move on, let's clarify something."Portfolio Bouncing" doesn't require deep TA or candlesticks.
HodlBot is a cryptocurrency trading bot that helps traders automatically diversify and rebalance their cryptocurrency portfolios. Unlike most crypto trading bots that focus on technical trading and signals, HodlBot specializes in indexing and rebalancing. Indexing is a passive, low-cost investing style that has become much more popular in recent years.
Anthony Xie is the founder of HodlBot, a tool that helps investors diversify their portfolios and automate their trading strategies. --------- In order to remain decentralized, cryptocurrencies using a proof-of-work system must not allow a single party to control the majority of total hashing power.
For an investor to outperform the market, someone else must underperform. That is a simple arithmetic fact. In a fair and regulated environment, investors have equal access to information. Winners and losers are determined by whoever can make a better prediction. But cryptocurrency is the wild, wild west.
HodlBot Blog
Those of you who follow me know that I'm the founder of HodlBot. We built an easy way to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio across the top 20 coins by market cap. Right now, our platform works on top of Binance's API.
HodlBot Blog
For those of you unfamiliar with the HODL meme, it's an intentional misspelling of the word "Hold" that is commonly repeated during turbulent periods in the cryptocurrency market. Over time, HODL has become synonymous with investors abating fear, and not selling in times of market despair.
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In the last few days, we've experienced a massive rout in the cryptocurrency market. Skeptics are laughing, traders are fleeing , and even HODLers are worried that the sky is going to fall. The home page of coinmarketcap is awash in a sea of red.
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This piece is the second of a three-piece series. This article is a study that covers the ideal conditions for portfolio rebalancing. The first article looks at whether portfolio rebalancing improves returns by looking at secondary, academic studies. The final article analyzes whether there is an optimal rebalancing period.
Ivey Business School
In 2017, words like bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain flooded the mainstream lexicon. Few understood what they meant, but like a modern day gold rush, investors of all stripes flocked to prospect these digital mines. Prior to this, cryptocurrency was only discussed in the dark alleys of the internet.
Last July, HodlBot pitched and won $25,000 at the 22 nd Velocity Fund Finals (VFF). We caught up with Calvin Leyon, Co-Founder & CEO of HodlBot, for a post-VFF update. HodlBot is now a Velocity Garage company. takes the investment software that institutional funds use and make it available to everyone.
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