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Cognito alternatives and competitors

Phone number based identity verification service

Top alternatives for Cognito

Monitor, debug and test real-world CX flows in minutes
  • Persona

    Persona offers a suite of fully-automated identity verification components with worldwide coverage that can be configured and branded to create custom-tailored flows for any use case. Sign up for the Starter plan and start for free in <10 minutes.
  • ID Verify by Trueface

    API, Widgets, and no-code solutions for digital identity verification and KYC/AML compliance.

    Traditional identity verification tools are expensive, use antiquated techniques and have high setup costs. We used our expertise in facial recognition to develop a solution with transparent pricing and zero setup fees.

  • Authentiq

    Strong authentication, without the passwords
  • Cotter

    An authentication SDK that lets users log in using only their Phone Numbers without a password.
    Integrate secure phone number login to your web/apps. It’s universal, works across apps, and doesn't require users to have a Cotter account.
    *Free for email logins*
  • DAuth

    DAuth is an easy to integrate Authentication for the decentralized web.

  • NoPass.me

    Verifying user identities requires writing tedious, repetitive code, risking catastrophic security breaches 😱.
    With NoPass.me, an open-source MFA verification solution, securely send and verify One-Time Passwords and ensure users are who they say they are!
  • Veriff Station

    Veriff Station gives startups and growing businesses access to enterprise-level fraud prevention and ID verification tools. Sign up to integrate verification flows in less than a day with flexible pricing plans designed to grow with you.

    Free options
    ☛ Automated identity verification such as biometric facial recognition, motion capture and identity document verification & fake detection
    ☛ Application fraud detection including on-going name screening, risk scoring for false-positive, AML World-Check
  • Invoid

    Looking to get genuine users on-board with minimum drop offs? Our offer includes identity verifications (KYC) for automating individual on-boarding and enhancing customer experience. We envision creating a trusted ecosystem where identity is the key to access.
  • Two-factor authentication for Apple ID

    To ensure you're the only person who can access your account
  • Myki Authenticator

    Myki is an offline password manager and authenticator that allows you to login to any account on any device by approving a login request on your smartphone. The main difference between Myki and cloud-based password managers is that your passwords are not stored in the cloud which allows myki to auto-fill 2fa tokens. + no master pass!

    I have been using Myki for ~6 months now. Myki is an excellent password app that has all the major features of the more popular apps with on…

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  • Rownd Auth

    5.0★2 reviews
    Free options
    Rownd Auth adds frictionless authentication and account creation to all of a brand’s websites with a code snippet. Jamstack, Webflow, Wordpress? No problem!
    Developers can use profile info locally without server-side calls to customize any site for users.
    We are currently using Rownd for Theneo and we LOVE it ! It was so easy to set it up and the team is amazing to work with. Highly recommend…See more
  • idemeum

    Free options
    idemeum SDK lets you delight your users with passwordless login.
    Choose one-click, biometric, or QR-code flows — each enabling cross app Single Sign On while preserving user privacy.
  • Authenteq 2.0

    Authenteq is an identity verification platform that allows organizations to verify a user’s identity in real-time. Fully automated and powered by AI, over 5,000 government-issued photo IDs from 193 countries can be verified as authentic in under 45 seconds.
  • JVerify

    Payment required
    JVerify is an effortless, secure, and reliable phone number verification service (VaaS) designed to make it easier to create a more reliable web. Use our simple API to help secure your apps with ease!
  • Prove ID

    Payment required
    Verify IDs anywhere, anytime. Prove ID end-to-end identity verification & management platform helps us establish trust in digital space.
    ✅ AML Control
    ✅ Global ID Card Recognition
    ✅ Already +5M Verification
    ✅ 100% Compliance Guarantee
    ✅ Plug & Play
    ✅ Secure
  • Tecalis Authentication Face Recognition

    Free options
    A strong Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) solution with advanced biometrics. Maximum security and frictionless access to products, services and systems. SCA & PSD2 Compliance.
  • Jumio Authentication

    Jumio Authentication is tool for businesses to prove users are who they say they are.

    It combines biometrics for identity proofing and “ongoing” 3D face authentication

  • Shufti Pro

    Shufti Pro is a global digital identity verification service provider. It aims to offer seamless IDV services with 100% accuracy level to fight multifaceted fraud in real-time.
  • Alloy

    Alloy is a group of identity verification APIs that make KYC/AML effective and simple. Many sources of data, any custom workflow, one API.