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Produce beautiful notes, quickly and easily. (Mindmaps)

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MindNode 5

Visual brainstorming on your Mac, iPhone and iPad

We’ve rethought every part of our app to make it more intuitive to use. We hope that you love the new UI for MindNode.

I have a confession: I'm not a big mind map guy. I know Federico uses a mind map for his iOS review each year, and lots of other people love visualizing their thoughts that way too, but mind maps have never really clicked for me - at least not on computers.
6 Alternatives to MindNode 5

The Brain

Map, visualize & organize info the way the brain thinks

Patrick Thompson
TheBrain is designed to help you organize information the way you think. TheBrain helps you organize all of your ideas, files, goals, projects, etc. all together in a centralized repository which is easy for you to access and share. The software offers a dynamic visual display that is infinitely scalable. TheBrain is a living mind map with unlimited space. A… See more
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WriteMapper for Windows

Turn your ideas 💭 into text documents 📄 using mind maps! ✨

WriteMapper is a desktop app that lets anyone with writing deadlines get from quickly and easily produce writing drafts using mind maps. Visually brainstorm your way through writer's block, and write distraction-free in the app, then automatically create and export a text document in your file format of choice. 🙌

Cult of Mac
WriteMapper is a new Mac app that combines a mind mapper with a text editor. It works like a regular mind-mapping app, with easy-to-create nodes to get your ideas down and arrange them. But if you open a node, you get a full-featured, cleanly-designed text editor in which to write, so you don't have to switch to a word-processor or anything else to complete … See more
1305 points and 219 comments so far on reddit
An update from the WriteMapper team on what we've been working on.
6 Alternatives to WriteMapper for Windows

What tool(s) can help me have a birds eye view of my work and the value it provides.

James Mole McConnellUX designer
Favro - Manage everything from the smallest tasks
"Although I'm in no way affiliated with Favro, I just keep finding myself recommending it over and over again as it's really the perfect tas… See more
Coggle - Produce beautiful notes, quickly and easily. (Mindmaps)
"If you're using mindmaps, I'd highly suggest Coggle as a tool."

What is the best mind mapping tool out there?

Abhishek KejriwalFounder @ Zyloon
Coggle - Produce beautiful notes, quickly and easily. (Mindmaps)
"This one is the best"

What are the best tools/apps for drawing a mind map?

Tigran Hakobyan💻@buffer & 🚀
MindNode 2.0 for Mac - Delightful mind mapping
"I'm a MindNode fan. They have apps for Mac and iOS. Pretty easy to use. My favorite thing is how I can add notes to any item I add to the m… See more
MindMeister - Create and share mind maps on mobile devices or the Web
"I used MindMeister and I find it pretty amazing."

Which tool do you recommend to create flowcharts?

yasproduct manager
Lucidchart - Easily draw diagrams & collaborate with others online
"My favorite one after Visio, I guess it's the best flowchart tool online. The things I love are the user experience and the performance, th… See more
Omnigraffle 2 - Diagramming. Wireframing. Drawing. And a ton more.
"I've been using Omnigraffle for years. It's a native Mac app, which is good and bad. The good: It's super performant and more responsive … See more
Mark - Create flowcharts & diagrams in seconds powered by AI
"Great for iPads and super fast to create flowcharts."
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