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7 alternative and related products to CoffeeRunner


Organize your team coffee runs with a Slack slash command

7 Alternatives to CoffeeRunner

Collect, manage and resolve all office chores in Slack

OfficeAmp makes it easy to run an efficient office and gives employees a one-stop shop for all of their requests and questions. Need a snack in the pantry? Want to book a flight? Order some lunch? Manage the office inside your favorite app - Slack. No need for a barrage of emails, texts or calls.

Chirayu Akotiya
Chirayu Akotiya- Product Marketing Manager, MyOperator
They just launched a smart QnA feature that answers questions based on the internal company knowledge base. Check it here:
Chirayu Akotiya
Chirayu Akotiya- Product Marketing Manager, MyOperator
OfficeAmp has changed the way we manage our daily office tasks. The best part is it makes the office management team more efficient by automagically categorising tasks based on employee inputs. We use OfficeAmp as our only platform for our office management, admin and IT Service teams.
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Coffee run, let's go! Who's buying?

"Who Buys Coffee" solves that awkward moment of who pays when you're getting coffee with a friend or colleague, in a fun way!

100+hr 3 month solo side project. 6 App Store Rejections. Zero prior coding exp. in Swift. Now released!

Who buys coffee? Only one way to find out! 😊

Would love to hear any suggestions!

Thanks for checking it out ☕

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Skill based collaboration inside Slack

Xpertz allows colleagues to use expertise tags to showcase the skills they bring to the team. Search for people to collaborate with based on skills, and validate those interactions resulting in leveling up of those skills to show off to your coworkers!

Brandon Best
Brandon Best- Co-Founder, Xpertz
Makes finding colleagues to collaborate with quick and easy in Slack based in their skill set. As well the validation mechanic makes it fun to level up your skills and see how well your team is performing in terms of their ability to help. Gamifies collaboration which makes it fun!
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