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Free library of HTML, CSS, & JS nuggets
3 Alternatives to CODY

Uploads anything you throw at it

FilePond, a JavaScript library that can handle any file you throw at it.

Easy to set up, optimises images for faster uploads, can be extended with plugins, and offers a silky smooth user experience.

View the development history by following the FilePond on WIP link below.

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Last Thursday I decided to finally launch FilePond.js, a JavaScript file upload library I'd been working on for six months. This is a summary of how I prepared for launch day and why having only a single sale did not make me a sad panda.
FilePond is being built in public. Flexible, extendable and fun file uploading for the web.
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Simple CSS library for semantic HTML markup

awsm.css is a very simple CSS library for your pet project, blog or homepage.

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Finally, the colors. I must say, that I like the black and white version of awsm.css, because it's simple, and because when I change the color temperature of my screen, I get softly orange. But I understand that someone may want to create an unusual website, so I added seven color themes and made it possible to create new ones effortlessly.
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