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Learn to code by building real apps from zero to launch

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Learn how to code by cloning real life startups

Igor Bonatto- ceo, THT
They teach programming languages by cloning a few websites / apps, such as Uber Eats and even a basic version of Product Hunt.
Danny Feinberg- Growth @ Tradecraft, Previously @Kamcord
This isn't going to be the best site for just learning a language, but when it comes to putting it into practice to actually create something real, it's awesome! It contains in-depth projects for cloning real startups so you can get practice implementing all kinds of features from authentication, to transactional email, to voting systems. Leo, the founder,… See more
Caleb Sylvest- Partner & Experience Designer
I'm a huge fan of Leo and his courses. Leo focuses on project based learning. Super good stuff. I got started with Ruby on Rails thanks to Leo.
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Learn how to code by building real web apps

Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Codeplace is focused specifically on teaching people how to build tangible, real-world products such as two-sided marketplaces (e.g. Airbnb) or a dating app (e.g. Tinder).
Aaron King- Founder
This is a great place to learn the full context of ruby on rails and know how it all comes together. I coupled this with Launch School and some other Ruby courses when I wanted to get creative.
Elayan Hamamrah- Aspiring Web Developer
A great source to learn ruby on rails by building applications.
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Code-Free Startup

Learn how to build real apps without coding

You can build a fully functional MVP with the skills you already have 🙀

What's New On The Net
Startup 'Code-Free' provides courses for code free apps or tools. It gives you a platform to build real apps with the skills you have. This means that Code-Free will help you use your non-technical skills to start Online companies using tools like Bubble & Typeform.
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Learn to code interactively, for free

Alex Banica
Codecademy is by far the most newbie friendly platform for basic webdesign. The courses are very well structured starting from basic syntax and working your way up to more advanced concepts in short and rewarding lessons. What I especially like about it is the built in console and text editor which is easy to use and you can freely experiment wit… See more
Ollie McQuitty- MD of Visualizar
Hands down one of the best platforms to learn the basics of web development. Easy to use, free up to an extent, and an extremely simple walkthrough. There are of course other platforms, but this is my personal recommendation and arguably gave me all the foundations for my current job.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré- Community Growth at
Learn modern programming languages with interactive courses on the most popular tools used by developers.
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