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CodeShare.io alternatives and competitors

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Realtime code sharing for developers

Top alternatives for CodeShare.io

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  • Marmoset

    Create gorgeous code snapshots.
  • Code.gov

    Share & reuse open source code from the Federal Government
  • Sourcecode by StdLib

    Introducing StdLib Sourcecode β€” onboard developers to your API ecosystem in seconds. Publish "serverless" code examples on StdLib, share with the community, and bring code into production without ever standing up a server.

  • Snipper.io

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    πŸ‘‹ Hi PH! I'm Stefano and i am the maker of Snipper.io.

    I build Snipper.io as a side project last week in just 2 days of development. I wanted to build a tool to make developer's life a little bit easier, so i came up with the idea of an online code editor that lets you share the code with your friend and work on that in real-time.

    Cheers 🍻🍻

    Easy to share snippet and little code portion with my team an collaborators. Great diff display same Github. Awesome idea guys!

  • RTCode

    RTCode is a web application for you to share and develop applications in real time.
  • Scribbble.io

    A blogging platform that enables everyone to write down their ideas, tell their stories, or share their knowledge.
  • Kooder

    Kooder is an open source code search project, offering code, repositories and issues search service for code hosting platforms including Gitee, GitLab and Gitea.