Alternative products to CodementorX

9 alternative and related products to CodementorX

Hire top freelance developers on demand
9 Alternatives to CodementorX

Hire full-time remote developers & engineering teams

[Your delightful hiring alternative] Arc takes the friction out of hiring remote talent. Hire full-time remote developers and build engineering teams with top vetted talent around the world. Brought to you by the makers of Codementor.

6 Alternatives to Arc

Dying to delegate your development tasks? Describe your project and Coding Ninjas will match you with a trusted freelancer.

Each developer goes through code quality check, test projects and live interview.

Awesome devs come with live support and fastest turnaround ever.

Aleksandr Volodarsky
Aleksandr Volodarsky- CEO @ CodingNinjas
All the developers are pre-vetted The turnaround time is amazing
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WP Mayor
Hiring remote workers isn't always easy. You need to find someone who is great at their job, but also trustworthy and knows how to work in a remote team. These are the struggles we faced in our search for a UI/UX designer and a JS developer.
8 Alternatives to Coding Ninjas

Get 💩 done. Browse and hire expert freelancers on Slack!

Get work done. On point, on time.

Scorecards let you instantly outsource tasks to our network of experts through a Slack message. No friction or lengthy sign-ups. You can browse, hire, and work with expert freelancers using only your Slack account.

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Using Gratify, I compiled a list of the best climate picks for Congress (state by state). Why? Because voting is difficult. Compared to modern American amenities like Amazon and Uber, voting is so inconvenient and misinformed to the point where it's effecting election outcomes.
One of our favorite affordances of conversational UI is the opportunity to provide great user support directly through the interface. Gone are the days of separate ticketing systems and email threads with your users - with conversational UI, your support and sales teams can be integrated directly into the user experience of the product!
8 Alternatives to Scorecards by Gratify
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