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CodeFights alternatives and competitors

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CodeFights is a San Francisco based technology startup on a mission to discover, develop and promote technical talent. It applies core game mechanics to transform practicing skills like programming into a fun and addictive game while helping talented people from all backgrounds to find amazing new opportunities.

Top alternatives for CodeFights

Quickly transform scripts, SQL, and more into internal tools
  • Frontloops

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    Frontloops is an html/css practical course that works like a subscription for handcrafted tasks. You get a design with prepared assets, build it and then get a working code for the same task as a reference + some additional hints which are worth paying attention to!

    Hey Dimitri, I would love to buy multiple licenses for me and my friends but I we all don't have credit cards, can we Paypal the money to yo…

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  • Remote Duck

    Stranger on the Internet that can help you debug your code
  • USE Together 2.0

    USE Together lets you collaborate with your team on your screen. You see their mouse cursors, they can interact with your apps, feeling like you are all at the same desk.

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