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CloudApp Annotate alternatives and competitors

Annotate screenshots right from your Mac's menu bar!

Top alternatives for CloudApp Annotate

Cloud metering and usage-based pricing and billing for SaaS
  • Weava

    Weava is a workspace for research where you can highlight, organize and collaborate your research materials.

    I really like Weave, I used to use Liner, and I gotta say Weave is far more complete with lots of extra features.

    Still on the free plan, but…

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  • Scrola

    Scrola is an online tool that allows you to easily create scrolling screenshots of your website or uploaded image. The final output is a beautiful video file that can be used to display your new product or web design.

  • ShotBox

    ShotBox is a fantastic little utility that pops up when you take a screenshot, allowing you to quickly preview your screenshot, mark it up, and then drag it into other apps!

  • ScreenTray

    A macOS app for capturing, annotating and sharing screenshots. Quickly add comments, highlight what matters or blur any sensitive content. Upload screenshots to Google Drive or Dropbox. Copy screenshots to the clipboard and paste them directly into Slack, Skype, Jira, Trello and lots of other apps.

    Screenshot tools is a high competitive market. One should offer a really slick product to attract users.

    ScreenTray has all the chances to be…

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  • Airsketch

    A streamlined interface, support for recording videos, fast sharing, and nothing to configure. Try Cloud Sketch for free to share anything with anyone.

  • Presentify

    5.0★1 review
    Free options
    A macOS menu bar app to help you give better presentations. It lets you annotate any screen, highlight your cursor, and more. It is the perfect tool for online teaching, recording tutorials, giving a demo or a presentation, working remotely, etc.
  • Control V

    The product and the marketing aren't 100% baked yet, but I was rush to release it today in honor of Larry Tesler, who invented the copy & paste. He just passed away this week.
    Control V is the most fastest 🏃🏼‍♀️ solution to share images in your clipboard.
  • Lionbridge AI Annotation Platform

    We’ve created an all-in-one platform that allows machine learning teams to prepare training datasets for machine learning. Upload data, add your team and build custom datasets in hours.
  • FrontSketch

    Draw over other apps in windows. You can annotate, draw, write, mark, capture on your desktop during run-time. Suitable for education, business, personal uses.
  • Colapixel

    Create stories with annotated photos and videos
  • Skitch

    A really quick way to capture, mark up, and send stuff.