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Clean your desktop with one click or set it to clean automatically every day.


* Clean desktop manually

* Start agent and just enjoy nice, cleaned desktop

* Group files into folders by month, or by day

* Setup how often you want your desktop cleaned (every day or every week)

Top Clean alternatives
Jotform Apps
Create powerful apps with no code
  • CleanMyMac scans every inch of your system and safely removes gigabytes of junk in just two clicks. Free up storage on your Mac and boost its performance — CleanMyMac finds 74 GB of junk on an average computer.

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    This is one of the first apps I install on a new computer when ever I start a new job. Use it all the time!

  • CleanMyMac X is the 10th anniversary edition of CleanMyMac, a native macOS tool that daily cleans one million Macs worldwide. The app does all the essential housekeeping on a Mac: deletes tons of junk and malware, and makes a computer faster and more organized. You can use CleanMyMac X to manage storage, apps, and monitor the health of your Mac.

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    I've been using CMM for the last decade and the new X version is great. I also recommend MacPaw's SetApp subscription service b/c it include…

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  • Clean out old and unused files from your computer. Quickly browse through your old stuff and preview the file’s contents. Decide if you want to archive or delete using easy to use keyboard shortcuts.

    - Take back control of your Documents folder

    - Find, delete or archive your old files

    - Quickly preview your files before deleting or archiving

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    A very useful tool (if you use CC cleaner you will love this tool) that helps you get rid of all unnecessary files.

  • Hammerspoon

    Hammerspoon is a desktop automation tool for macOS. It bridges various system level APIs into a Lua scripting engine, allowing you to have powerful effects on your system by writing Lua scripts.
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  • Ping Man

    Ping Man is a simple Mac menu bar app to monitor your ping.

    👀 Always keep an eye on it, it's displayed on your menu bar.

    ⚡️ Check which apps consume the most network.

    ✏️ Change the URL you want to ping.

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  • Middlespot desktops keep your important resources at your fingertips, on any device. Drag and drop photos, docs, links, plugins, widgets, videos and more onto a personal, private desktop. Then organize and arrange your stuff the way you work.

    Turn your desktop into a collaborative engaging workspace with others.

    Works with Google Drive.

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    I've been using Middlespot as a simple way to organize all the bits and pieces of my world into an easy view. If it were just files, I would…

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  • MacFly Pro

    MacFly Pro is a simple yet powerful Mac cleaner that keeps an eye on your Mac and ensures its well-being. The app cleans user and system caches, broken application data and media leftovers. MacFly Pro also handles old files and duplicates on your Mac, and uninstalls rarely used app.

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  • The silliest (yet easiest!) way to keep your valuable files & enjoy a tidy desktop.
    It's simply a folder. Just sweep all your desktop mess under it.
    Don't need to go over old files, screenshots, downloads... One simple drag&drop and your'e "clean". Have fun!
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    Love the product

  • Declutter

    Cleans and organises your files in Mac desktop automatically
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  • SyncBird

    SyncBird is a free desktop app for macOS, which is made to solve common iOS sync and iTunes cleaning problems. Main benefits:

    - Simplify iTunes sync into one-step workflow

    - Free up space on iPhone

    - Slim down bloated iTunes library by cleaning up iTunes junks

    - Rebuild iTunes library from iPhone, iPod

    - Manage iPhone photos, music without iTunes.

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  • BuhoCleaner 1.5

    Free options
    Introducing BohuCleaner Version 1.5, which has been finely crafted with both core algorithm improvement and interface pixel perfection. Now the new BohuCleaner comes with preciser scanning result and blazing fast Mac cleaning speed.
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