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Chess with Friends

Chess with Friends alternatives and competitors

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Invite your friends to play chess with you in real time!

Top alternatives for Chess with Friends

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  • Square Off

    World’s smartest chess board
  • Chess With Friends

    Want to play Chess in Figma with a friend?? Maybe do a Zoom call or Hangouts and smash a game in?
    Now you can! 🥳🎉
    Grab a bud and duplicate a board (choose a skin). Pick a team (color) and you're ready to go!
  • Storm Chess

    Try matchmacking and tournaments and have fun!
    FIDE masters already playing this have and found out it's super fun.
  • Not Chess

    1 review
    Wait, if this game is NOT chess, then what is it? It's a mind blowing puzzle game with some simple chess rules and a few special ingredients to make it fun and challenging for everyone!
  • Half chess

    Halfchess is a casual chess game - it is faster and easier. The games are 5 mins long. There are 100+ levels and two player matches with Elo scoring. More -
    Blind mode - Your pieces disappear after 3 moves
    Crab mode - A new chess piece crab moves Zig-Zag
  • Unicode Chess Generator ♞

    Finally, a way to quickly generate unicode chess boards in different styles, including Chess : Rise of the Crab King...
  • Chess Master

    ChessMaster is the program for chess, which helps you to find strongest moves on chess websites. Chess Master helps you to play on chess sites,
    improve your chess playing skills, analyze game and find strongest moves during the game.

  • Halfchess

    Learn to be a better Chess player, playable in your browser
  • Tactical Chess

    The classic game of chess with a twist, start a game with a custom position of any pieces, create your own tactic or stage, play representation of an historical battle, the rules of the all time classic game are still the same.
  • Hayago

    Hayago is a game clock which can be used for:
    - Chess
    - Go
    - Shoji
    - Any game where you need byo-yomi or overtime timer.
  • SparkChess

    1 review

    SparkChess is the only chess game that puts fun first. Too many chess games are impossible for anyone but the experts and masters to win. The real test of a truly intelligent chess game isn’t how hard it is to beat, but how able it is to accommodate players of all skill levels. It’s here that the award-winning SparkChess excels.

    its very bad