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A fun, educational chemistry game
A fun, educational, chemistry arcade puzzle game. Tetris meets organic chemistry.
At the tip of your fingers is the power to fuse together the elements vital to life. Fight antimatter, battle gravity and shape matter to your will!
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6 Alternatives to Chemtrix

A timer and a simple rule: stop it at exactly four seconds.

Got this game idea while I found myself routinely trying to stop a timer at a 'round' value while at the gym. Also heard some stories about how people used to play this sort of stopwatch games on digital watches, back when Casios were the thing.

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Hey guys,
I am so proud to share Sum with all of you today. Currently with 20,000+ downloads, it's really a simple idea converted to one really addictive & challenging game!
How fast can you add two numbers?
Really looking forward to all your feedback! :)

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Everyone knows how to add two numbers, right? This is simple, the most basic mathematics taught to toddlers, and probably one of the most important things you may learn in your life. People even have professions based on this. This game is just that. With a beautiful looking interface and very simple concept, "Sum"...
The basis of Sum is simple. Everyone learns addition very early on in their schooling and every single day after that you begin adding something in your every day life. Since you have so many years of experience you should be amazing at addition, but are you?
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