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Chatbot Lazy Loader

Chatbot Lazy Loader alternatives and competitors

2 reviews
This plugin eliminates the negative impact chatbots have on your website’s page speed. The way it does this is simple. It lazy loads the JavaScript required to load the chatbot widget.
Supported Chatbots:

Top alternatives for Chatbot Lazy Loader

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Botify AI

    13 reviews
    Free options
    Create photorealistic avatars for engaging conversations. Have fun interacting with your Digital Human.
  • ChatBot

    ChatBot is a simple platform that allows for building bots without coding. It lets you create bots that can answer customer questions, automate lead generation, gather feedback or streamline the buying process.

  • Placeholder Loader Creator

    SVG component and interactive editor to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading or also known as skeleton UI.
    Exports to SVG, React, React Native, Vue
  • Typebot

    2 reviews
    ❓ Choose from a large list of questions to validate your audience data
    ✅ Add conditions to display unique questions based on the user answers.
    💅 Customize the look and feel.
    👩‍💻 Share a link or integrate anywhere in your web apps.
    🔍 Analyze and export results.
  • Chat Essential

    6 reviews
    Free options
    Enter a URL. Our platform will scan your website and create a virtual assistant that can talk about the content in seconds. Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, Facebook AI's BART, and our own models.
  • Jikoo.io

    2 reviews
    Free options
    All in one Live Chat software with ticketing, no-code chatbots, and customizable CRM to grow your customer base and revenue.
    100% free forever! Are you ready to join the Live Chat Revolution 2.0?
  • BrokeBot

    BrokeBot provides the experience of a chatbot without all of the bells and whistles - a simple chatbot-like experience focused on a specific CTA.
  • WP Fast

    We makes adjustments to your site to make it load faster. This helps to increase conversion rates and improve user experience.
  • Xatkit eCommerce

    Free options
    Xatkit brings custom bots automatically generated and trained with your own shop data. Our bots work out-of-the-box. They can answer many questions related to your products, shipping options, payment methods,... If needed, you can add your own custom FAQs.