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Follow live play-by-play for multiple games on single screen
Top Chat Sports alternatives
DigitalOcean Functions
Run functions on demand, scale automatically
  • Scorum provides cryptocurrency rewards for both content creators and curators. Community members get paid for publishing posts, voting, commenting and uploading photos. For sports writers we have developed custom solutions: sports analytics, interactive graphics and other great tools.

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    I've listed several cons, I know. Yet, they will be added eventualy and platform wil grow both contentwise and functionwise.

    This is a great…

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  • Grandstand

    Sports highlights straight from the crowd
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  • Twitch Prime is a new way to watch the NFL live stream on Twitch!

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  • Bleacher Report 5.0

    Highlights. Breaking news. Scores. Personalized to you.
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  • SportOn

    Live Scores + Chat
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  • ESPN+

    ESPN+ is Disney's new $4.99/mo premium, ad-free subscription for all of the best sports content from around the world.

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  • Live sports scores & news from MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and soccer
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  • Follow your favorite teams and join a community of super fans on Sideline - the Reddit app for basketball. Sideline supercharges reddit sports communities with live stats and scores, live game threads, highlights and more. Plus, Sideline is free with no ads!
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    this is my favorite app
  • Cricket calculator helps you calculate your favorite Batsman Strike Rates, Bowler Economy Rates and if you want to calculate your favorite team run rate in current match and Net run rates of tournament.

    Calculates the following:

    * Batting Strike rate

    * Bowling Economy

    * Run rate

    * Net Run rate

    * D/L Point Calculator

    * D/L Target Calculator

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    Its a handy application if need to calculate your favorite Batsman Strike Rates, Bowler Economy Rates and if you want to calculate your favo…

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  • ChampChart

    Tracking score while playing your favorite sports is easy. Create charts for sports you like - squash, badminton, football, basketball and many more. Compete with your friends in team sports and dominate those charts! Along the way you can even get special badges for special achievements. ChampChart is free to use!

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  • FanCake

    Rewarding Sports Fans for Watching Live games on TV
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  • Liveo.Chat

    Liveo.Chat offers an efficient way to conveniently chat with your clients, answer their sales and support questions in real time, and close the deal faster.
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  • The Versus App

    A fun and family-friendly way to guess the winners of sporting events without betting.

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  • Fox Sports VR

    Live sports in virtual reality, right on your phone.
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