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10 alternative and related products to CHAINPOINT

Anchor an unlimited amount of data to multiple blockchains.

CHAINPOINT is an open standard for creating a timestamp proof of any data, file, or process.

10 Alternatives to CHAINPOINT

Visual demonstration of blockchain technology

Blockchain Demo is my attempt at demystifying the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It has a living blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, and a user tour.

Michael Deng
Michael Deng- Software Developer
Blockchain Demo provides a very nice visual demonstration of the basics of how the blockchain works!
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A live blockchain demo in a browser.
44 Alternatives to Blockchain Demo

Develop, test, and deploy blockchain applications

Blockchain as a Service by Microsoft is a platform for organizations to collaborate together by experimenting with blockchain technology.

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More and more companies are looking to tap into blockchain technology. Gartner states that between 2015 and 2016, the number of its client enquiries on blockchain grew by more than 600%. By February 2017, 'blockchain' was the second-most searched word on its portal.
22 Alternatives to Blockchain as a Service by Microsoft

Your blockchain interface

Christopher Leach
Christopher Leach- Programmer and Student
For a mobile wallet I 100% recommend jaxx just backup!!!!
Dillon Raphael
Stores keys on the device rather than in the cloud. Integration with
Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Jaxx is probably the most popular wallet if you're looking for both a well-designed desktop and mobile app. They currently have the higher cap assets and are continually adding more. It has a pretty intuitive UI for new users.
10 Alternatives to Jaxx

Ethereum based world domination game 🤖

We're excited to launch Blocklord - the world's 1st decetralized planet earth! A new crypto game where you can buy, personlize and trade anywhere on earth using ethereum. 🌍

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Hi! I'm Davide and I'd like to introduce you to Blocklord, a new entrepreneurial game I've been working on. Blocklord is Ethereum's 1st...
9 Alternatives to Blocklord

Powerful blockchain data, analytics & visualization platform

Alethio is an advanced blockchain data, analytics, & visualization platform. Alethio's API and Analytics Suite (including offer a flexible range of options to access and interact with the blockchain data you need, more directly and efficiently.

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From our inception, Alethio has rooted everything we've done in two things: data science and a mission to promote transparency and equitable access to meaningful data on Ethereum. We've spent countless hours studying Ethereum to truly understand what's happening on the blockchain and what things matter most to its users.
ConsenSys Media
At Alethio, which is a ConsenSys formation, our mission is to make blockchain data accessible for a variety of use cases.
ConsenSys Media
Decentralized exchanges will usher in a new way of seamlessly, instantly, and securely trading crypto-assets. The proliferation of these exchanges suggests that important differences and nuances might exist between platforms. Alethio, a data engine allowing the extraction of rich data from the Ethereum blockchain, was leveraged to take a deep dive into some … See more
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Alethio's data scientists dig into the Ethereum blockchain to identify the major players across the transaction network. Leveraging the rich data available through Alethio's platform, learn about the Hubs and Authorities of the Ethereum blockchain through Alethio's most recent case study.
ConsenSys Media
Ethereum is backed by p2p network architecture, in which each participant is a node. Each node in this distributed network is connected with other nodes [1,2], and all nodes must reach a consensus to maintain the continuity of the blockchain.
6 Alternatives to Alethio

Anonymous P2P messenger on blockchain technology

The purpose of the CallBox project is to build truly secure and anonymous communication service. Blockchain technology allowed us to build decentralized messenger: miners install CallBox nodes and generate revenue by establishing connections between users. Miners work like commutators.

Let's build our own messenger today!

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