Alternative products to Cat Street View

17 alternative and related products to Cat Street View

Cat Street View
Explore Japan... as a cat.
17 Alternatives to Cat Street View

Raising your own kitty on your smartphone

Meow-AR Cat is your augmented reality feline friend. Play with and train your cat on your iPhone or Android device.

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Developer InnoVision Inc have announced that their popular augmented reality (AR) title Meow ARCat will be among those features as a launch title for Google's ARCore launch. Currently available on iOS, Meow ARCat has proven to be a popular and successful title capturing the attention of many people thank to the internet obsession with cats.
16 Alternatives to AR Kitty

Hivemapper provides mapping, visualization, and analytic software tools for damage assessment, autonomous navigation, and border perimeter.

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The Official Hivemapper Blog
One year ago the deadly Tubbs fire ripped through Santa Rosa becoming California's most destructive wildfire in the state's history. Twenty-two people were killed. Entire neighborhoods were leveled. In the days and months that followed hundreds of hours of aerial video footage documenting the damage were collected in an effort to assess the damage, allocate … See more
8 Alternatives to Hivemapper

Smalls is homemade food for cats that's prepared with 100% human grade ingredients and leaves the fillers, mystery ingredients and 25 year shelf lives of traditional pet "food" behind. We create a customized meal plan for your cats based on their age, weight, and body type and get you on your way with freshly prepared food delivered to your door.

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While it isn't hard to see the problems that exist with the current cat food industry, it is hard to develop the right solution. We consulted doctors, like Dr. Susan Lauten, from the beginning of our development to the final product.
11 Alternatives to Smalls: Food for Cats

Relaxing music and TV designed for cats 🐱

Used by over 10 million cats in 2018 - Known to some as "Petflix".... RelaxMyCat has been making relaxing music and TV for cogs since 2011 based on feedback research. It is designed to help with a range of common anxiety issues.

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El Tiempo
Desde collares con GPS para saber en qué lugar del mundo está nuestra querida mascota paseando hasta buscarles un buen hogar a los animales abandonados, o juegos para que los gatos se entretengan son algunas de las aplicaciones para hacer la vida más divertida, organizada y sencilla.
The Times of India
Cats playing Mozart on the internet may be fake videos but that doesn't mean your kitty doesn't like music. You just have to tune it to their specific
How do you turn the last of your student loan into a thriving global content empire? Read the story of how a Manchester entrepreneur took his last £1,000 and transformed it into a thriving seven-figure business with a mixture of passion and serendipity, and a pivot that made all the difference.
5 Alternatives to RelaxMyCat

Contribute to Google Street View with your own hardware

Street View Ready is a way for anyone with a Google certified product to contribute their images to the Street View platform.

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Google has a new program called "Street View ready" which will make it possible for anyone with the right hardware to contribute to its Street View imaging database, typically assembled using Google's official 360-degree camera-toting Street View cars.
4 Alternatives to Street View Ready

Anonymously send your friends text facts about cats.

Based on the Reddit post, I built an Android app ( that would automate the sending of anonymous text messages about cats. This is a web version that is mobile optimized for iOS. You can also see your friends conversation with the cat bot.

5 Alternatives to Cat Facts Web
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