Alternative products to Cat GIF TV

8 alternative and related products to Cat GIF TV

The first and only 24/7 Cat GIF TV channel 😻
8 Alternatives to Cat GIF TV

Raising your own kitty on your smartphone

Meow-AR Cat is your augmented reality feline friend. Play with and train your cat on your iPhone or Android device.

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Developer InnoVision Inc have announced that their popular augmented reality (AR) title Meow ARCat will be among those features as a launch title for Google's ARCore launch. Currently available on iOS, Meow ARCat has proven to be a popular and successful title capturing the attention of many people thank to the internet obsession with cats.
16 Alternatives to AR Kitty

Get a cat fact every time you open a new tab 😻

A Chrome Extension that gives you a fun cat fact each time you open a new tab! With this project, we've cultivated the largest cat facts database on the internet :) A great way to kill some time and show your friends how smart you are. Just imagine how much cat knowledge you're gong to gain... 😻😻

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Relaxing music and TV designed for cats 🐱

Used by over 10 million cats in 2018 - Known to some as "Petflix".... RelaxMyCat has been making relaxing music and TV for cogs since 2011 based on feedback research. It is designed to help with a range of common anxiety issues.

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El Tiempo
Desde collares con GPS para saber en qué lugar del mundo está nuestra querida mascota paseando hasta buscarles un buen hogar a los animales abandonados, o juegos para que los gatos se entretengan son algunas de las aplicaciones para hacer la vida más divertida, organizada y sencilla.
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Cats playing Mozart on the internet may be fake videos but that doesn't mean your kitty doesn't like music. You just have to tune it to their specific
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5 Alternatives to RelaxMyCat

Cat products for you, not your feline.

Meow Cat is the first catpreneur for humans. He knows you spoil your cats with treats and toys. He sees you obsessing over cat videos, memes and pics, and believes that you are the true fans of cat products.

So Meow Cat decided to get on his paws and knees and find the best cat products for people, not felines. Just leave the box for your cats!

6 Alternatives to Meow Cat Imports

Find the perfect companion for your cat

Find the perfect companion for your cat, and who knows, the perfect one for you too.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a cat. But cats are not nobody

You can search friends and more on Facecat If two cats appreciate each other, then they will be able to discuss and follow each other.

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