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12 alternative and related products to Casamatic

We instantly match you to the perfect home 🏡
12 Alternatives to Casamatic

First collaborative real estate search platform.

With over 1.4 million homes to buy or rent, Nobbas is the first real estate search platform with built-in collaboration tools.

Nobbas lets you add delete and comment directly on your favorite listings in real-time with your spouse, friends, roommates or agent.

The days of sending listing URLs by email, Messenger, texts, etc are now behind!

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Own a piece of the cities you love.

Compound lets everybody invest in residential real estate, even in places where the average home price is beyond reach. Compound sells a proprietary investment product called ReTFs which combine the portfolio diversification of REITs with the liquidity and beta exposure of ETFs. ReTF stands for real estate thematic fund.

8 Alternatives to Compound

The future of real estate, accessible for all

blockimmo is the world's first blockchain powered, regulatory compliant platform; our ecosystem enables shared property investments and ownership.

Our platform is live! We invite you to onboard and invest in our demo property, where you will receive 3x your investment back (max. investment of 0.1 ETH). Earn approx. $30 as an early adopter!

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In this tutorial we'll be setting up an Ethereum wallet, on-boarding to the blockimmo platform, and making a small investment in a demo property. Investments in this property are capped at ETH 0.1 per person to encourage participation.
Security Token Newspaper
As we reported earlier, Swiss Authorities have granted permit to Blockimmo to tokenize real estate. We asked Dr Bastiaan Don, Blockimmo MD, how exactly he will do it. Question) You are ahead of many tokenized real estate projects, as you have been granted a permit by the Financial Regulators of Switzerland and Liechtenstein to operate.....
Die Business-Idee Wenn man den Immobilienmarkt liebt und sich jahrelang mit Blockchain beschäftigt, ist es für jemanden wie Bastiaan Don naheliegend, beide Passionen zu vermählen. Schon lange trug sich der Dynamiker mit der Idee, eine Plattform aufzusetzen, über die Immobilien oder zumindest Teile davon frei gehandelt werden können - und zwar dank Blockchain… See more
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
In der Schweiz ermöglicht mit Blockimmo der erste Anbieter den Immobilienkauf über die Blockchain. Es sind aber noch einige Hürden zu nehmen. Sich mit 1000 Fr. an einer Geschäftsliegenschaft auf der Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse beteiligen? Was bisher unmöglich war, könnte künftig alltäglichsein. Möglich macht es die von Bastiaan Don gegründete Firma Blockimmo.
Tokenized assets are here to stay. The current race is about who can get regulated products to the market first and then who can successfully gain user adoption. While several projects have purported to tokenize real estate assets, blockimmo is the first to do it within the bounds of existing regulations in two jurisdictions.
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Find properties that will make money on AirBnb

Use analytics to find lucrative traditional or Airbnb properties in a matter of minutes.

No more spreadsheets, no more searching.

7 Alternatives to Mashvisor

Get feedback on houses from friends and family

Decide lets you collect house listings from Trulia, Redfin, and Zillow all in one place.

After saving a listing, you can get feedback as comments and votes.

To add a listing, simply copy the URL from the real estate site and add it to your Decide page.

10 Alternatives to Decide

The simple way to house hunt in the UK 🏡🇬🇧

Homeseek helps you with your property hunt. Quickly save properties from Rightmove, Zoopla, Purple Bricks and more.

Add properties by copying and pasting property website URLs or entering the details manually.

Create a project with someone and search for properties together.

12 Alternatives to Homeseek

Duvora® is the intelligent real estate matching engine.

Duvora is a real estate platform which algorithmically matches pre-qualified home buyers with motivated sellers of real estate, as well as the real estate agents who represent them.

Our pre-qualified home buyers are matched using a series of data points as well as human-to-human outreach programs.

Each buyer is displayed on our platform in a kind of marketplace format (much like Google Shopping or Amazon), allowing for home sellers to easily search and locate buyers by desired price range, method of purchase, bedroom/bath count, square footage, etc. This allows sellers to quickly zero-in on the perfect buyer for their home and contact them directly or through their real estate agent.

Home buyers are intelligently matched, based on personalization algorithms, to on (and off-market) home inventory.

“Off-market”, or “pocket” listings are homes for sale, yet are not widely known publicly or posted on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Duvora dramatically reduces the time to market to sell a home, as well as offers a more discreet way to sell or buy a home.

The platform is currently available in the Greater Los Angeles area and will be releasing in surrounding regions very shortly.

7 Alternatives to Duvora

List your home and only accept the offers you love 🏡

Hidsi is the first app that offers every homeowner the opportunity to register their home regardless of their intention to sell it, and to get offers they will love to accept.

We operate worldwide, focusing on major cities.

Rating and price
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