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6 alternative and related products to Carrom

Payroll for remote teams
Carrom helps remote teams
🌍Hire and onboard full-time employees from different countries
📝Provide locally compliant work contracts
🎁Provide benefits stipulated by local laws
💰Pay their salary in local currency
Scale your remote team and stay compliant.
6 Alternatives to Carrom

Niklaus Gerber
Niklaus Gerber
Amazing free tire and it caters to your every need. Also it is beautifully designed.
Ciocanel Razvan
Ciocanel Razvan
It has to be zipbooks. It's amazing and it's free. They make their money by having a comission on the payment methods they provide but if you don't use that then you pay nada. <3 it
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Make Every Day Payday 💭🦊

*Selected as a TechCrunch Disrupt Top Pick in the blockchain category** puts your earnings in your pocket the moment you clock out, not weeks later. Automated, instant payroll on the blockchain. Why wait to get paid?

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(This guest post by our CEO Ryan Fyfe originally featured on Coin Bureau: See more
A few weeks ago, we launched the Android version of the Wallet app. Now, as of today, the iOS version of the app is live on the App Store. Click here to download now . The iOS app, just like the Android version, enable workers to receive their paycheck directly to their smartphone.
We reached a huge milestone this week. One that's been more than a year in the making. We've successfully made the first salary payments on the platform. The successful payments - made with TrueUSD - are the first examples of real-time payroll on the blockchain.
Tech industry leader TechCrunch has selected as one of its blockchain TC Top Picks for the prestigious Disrupt event in Berlin that takes place November 29-30. has been selected for its real-time payroll on the blockchain, which enables any worker to receive their paycheck instantly and in cryptocurrency.
Medium has a singular aim: to make earning cryptocurrency possible for anyone who receives a paycheck. We give workers instant access to their paycheck the moment they clock out. It's their earnings on their terms - true financial control that everyone deserves.
In a major milestone, after months of development and rigorous testing on the Ethereum testnet, the Wallet is now live on the Mainnet. From the outset, we've been product-first focused. The release of our wallet app on the mainnet again reinforces this approach.
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Square Payroll helps you pay your employees and contractors in just a few taps. Use the payroll app to import timecard hours, and then let our team of specialists take care of the rest—all your payroll taxes are filed, paid, and withheld for you.

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If you own or manage a business, there's one thing you don't have-time. With so many demands on the hours you do have available, it's important to find people, processes, and tools that create efficiencies in your life and in your business. Fortunately, with mobile apps and devices, you can literally run your business from anywhere.
12 Alternatives to Square Payroll 2.0

Receipt Stash simplifies accounts payable bookkeeping by automatically extracting expense information from any receipt or invoice, and categorising items using dynamic supplier rules. All expense items are stored securely in a single, easily searchable cloud based account and can be published to your accounting software with the push of a button.

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