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An assistant that sends reminders to yourself & others

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Get whatever you want on demand with no hassle, through SMS

Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Magic has been around for about 2 years. Like Fin, it's unclear how much of it is AI-powered or assisted. I assume much of it is human-driven, which is part of what makes it feel so magical, but as a result it's not cheap. However, it may not feel expensive to some that value their time a lot.
Emily Hodgins- Community and Marketing, Product Hunt
Magic seams pretty darn perfect for this. Text to get seemingly anything you need. I just wish it was available in the UK ;)
Brandon Anzaldi- Software Engineer @ ToTheTens
Magic seriously seems to have brought tech, and white-glove concierge service together in a way that's astounding. I would have loved to help create some Magic.
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Easy way to track and complete task inside your inbox

Henry Vasquez- CEO,
Thanks for picking this up, guys! We built Tribe because it's so tough to get other people to adopt your tool of choice. With Tribe, you can task anyone with an email and they can respond without ever signing up.
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Send recurring reminders to your friends and family

Tom Page- CEO, Badger
The most common use cases for the app are: 1) Reminding people to take their medicine (daily) 2) taking out the trash (weekly) and 3) paying bills of some form (monthly). e.g. paying the rent or mortgage. Our goal is to build a utility.
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The simplest way ever to send reminders to friends

Jan Skakala- Cofounder
Hey guys! Johny here, Martin's brother. I really hate to be managed & maybe I am not here the only one ;-). What I love about this - I do not have to keep track - someone wants something from my - he sends me a Wake, I do not have to write down, or remember anything. It's very comfortable and if I forget, I get a pleasant sticker to move my ass. Maybe … See more
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