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Carbon Trim
Discover carbon footprints of daily actions!

Carbon Trim is an app for discovering carbon footprints of daily actions - whether it's eating a pizza slice or a buying a pair of shoes or using the microwave! Search via text or image for carbon costs of hundreds of different items. Set reminders as nudges to take eco-friendly actions through the week.

14 Alternatives to Carbon Trim

Calculate your carbon footprint, and then reverse those emissions by funding projects that save rainforest, plant trees, or prevent cow burps.

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Fast Company
If you live in the U.S., you probably emit around 19 tons of CO2 in a year, more or less, depending on factors like how often you drive or fly or whether you eat meat.
Climate change has been a major foreboding issue of the last decade. CNN articles lecture individuals on daily actions they can take to cut down on their carbon footprint. However, The Guardian's viral piece depicting how just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of all global emissions reflects their view on who's to blame for the predicament humanity… See more
Union Square Ventures
We are excited to be welcoming Wren to the USV portfolio. We first came across Wren while navigating the confusing process of purchasing carbon offsets for our firm's travel. We found Wren to be one of the most clear and trustworthy solutions in what is an otherwise confusing space that borders on the scammy.
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Reversing climate change means emitting less CO2 in the future, and it also means removing our past emissions. Nori is the first to offer anyone the ability to take responsibility for their own emissions and pay farmers for removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Fast Company
On his small family farm in Petaluma, California, Don Gilardi hopes to begin spreading compost over his pastures next year as a way to fight climate change. The technique helps plants pull more carbon from the air and store it in the soil.
Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that alter the climate typically focus on the energy industry or getting big companies like Amazon to curb fossil fuel consumption. But farmers can also play a role by using new approaches to climate-friendly farming that can help sequester carbon in the soil.
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Automatically track your carbon footprint with Reduce. The app calculates your carbon footprint based on your personal spending habits and other preferences. You can set goals to reduce your impact over time, or you can offset it by buying carbon credits.

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Shift highlights the carbon intensity of the UK electricity grid in a clear, understandable format. It recommends the least intense 2-hour period in the next 24 hours, making it easier to schedule high consumption appliances when carbon intensity is lowest.

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Chooose makes it easy and fun to battle climate change by making people and companies climate positive.

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But one cityknown for the maritime industry is emerging as one of the fast-growing tech scenes outside the U.S. Oslo, Norway's capital city, experienced a 160% uptick in startup investments in the past year, according to Oslo's 2017 State of the City report. That's the second biggest jump in the Nordic region behind Sweden, up 171%.
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