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Canva for Desktop alternatives and competitors

5 reviews
Your secret superpower for creating beautiful designs is now available from the convenience of your desktop with millions of design ingredients, thousands of templates and everything you need for creating beautiful designs all in one place.

Top alternatives for Canva for Desktop

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  • Sketch 40

    2 reviews
    Latest version of the vector drawing tool

    It's the best prototyping tool I have used for web and app development.

  • Glorify 2.0

    7 reviews
    Glorify is a super easy design tool built for eCommerce business owners & entrepreneurs, helping them create stunning product driven images for their businesses.
  • Figma 3.0

    5 reviews

    Another amazing update from the great team at Figma! Here's what's new:

    1) Prototyping — Device frames, fixed objects, advanced scrolling

    2) Styles — Styles + new Team Library functionality for building design systems in Figma

    3) Organization tier — New “Organization” tier to help scale design management across big companies

    When we started Matter (https://matterapp.com), @JW suggested we use FIGMA to work together. At the time I had never heard of FIGMA and thou…

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  • InVision

    6 reviews

    InVision is a prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform for design-led teams.

    I love everything about InVision.

    Since I started using it 3-4 years ago they improved so many things and added really useful features. They …

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  • Lunacy 6

    2 reviews
    Lunacy 6 adds useful improvements and assets to the leading Sketch alternative for Windows. Best of all it is still FREE!
    - Support for Sketch Cloud and JS Sketch Plugins (beta)
    - Smart style suggestions and tidying
    - Automatic background removal using AI