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Bookmarks for the 21st century.

11 alternative and related products to Candy

Highly for iOS

Medium-style highlighting in every app and website. 🖌

Lauren Holliday- Founder,
LOVE this tool. Just wish it worked 100% of the time. Still has some bugs to work out.
Andrew Courter- Highly
Highly's the most efficient way to get people to see the good parts. Here's a collection of highlighter tools, too:
Ranjan- CEO, Informerly
Recently switched to Pixel and this is the app I miss the most.
Andrew Courter- Highly
👋 Hi everybody! Thanks @eriktorenberg! Andrew from Highly here. Highlights are the killer way to share stories with friends (online and off). And since we mostly read on our phones, we need to highlight there, too. So we’re pleased as heck to share Highly for iOS, version one, here today. Now you can highlight wherever you’re reading, including *within* d… See more
11 Alternatives to Highly for iOS


Highlight, save, and share any web page

Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Liner is pretty cool. Works on both iPhone and Chrome. Let me know your thoughts.
Brian Woo- Co-Founder & Data Hacker, LINER
LINER is a powerful bookmarking app with highlighting feature. LINER now supports iOS app, Chrome Extension, and Firefox Extension.
David Adamu- Maker.
Liner is really great for highlighting and saving Tweets. For me, it gives that extra functionality of highlighting a _specifc_ part of a tweet.
Sung Cho
Hi supporters, I have just posted an article on Medium - How Liner ranked #2 on Product Hunt, and what we learned from it. Love this community!
10 Alternatives to Liner

LINER for Chrome

Highlight everything! From Wikipedia to PDF files

Yongjae Lee
Great product!
Brian Woo- Co-Founder & Data Hacker, LINER
LINER now supports iOS app, Chrome Extension, and Firefox Extension. And we have a plan to build Android app, Safari Extension, and Edge Extension. So stay tuned!
I love it, as I like to highlight stuff while studying from a pdf or the internet. I don't necessarily need the highlighted stuff later, but I just like to highlight stuff which is important, so that it gets in my mind. What about an android app?
Min Park- Blockchain Marketing (
Special Thanks to @_jacksmith for helping get "Liner for Chrome" on ProductHunt :)
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The only private web highlighter with cloud sync 😺☁️️💾

LINER now supports iOS app, Chrome Extension, Safari Extension, and Firefox Extension. And we have a plan to build Android, Opera Extension and Edge Extension as well. Stay tuned!
Brian Woo- Co-Founder & Data Hacker, LINER
I've always wanted a tool for highlighting stuff on the internet since it's my life long habit. I've used Evernote and Pocket and everything together but it just didn't work out. So I've made this web highlighter myself and it became one of the major tools for me and a lot of people's workflow. It works seamlessly with Evernote, Pocket, and all sorts of to… See more
Analyzing user highlighting patterns we hope we'll able to provide a more accurate recommendation engine based on your highlighting patterns.
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Highly for Chrome

The highlighter your browser always wanted

Andrew Courter- Highly
Holding a highlighter while you're reading trains you to notice what's meaningful (and ignore what's not). And when you share highlights, people actually read them (unlike links, which nobody clicks).
Andreas Wagner- looking for..........😎
Working fine, smart and easy extension to store the really important screens of a long text...
Andrew Courter- Highly
Can you highlight Product Hunt? Yes, and it's a dope way to share the best of the AMAs. We'll be live-highlighting @om and @jason. Check out @mirceap's highlights from these earlier AMAs: @StartupLJackson @dens @bhorowitz
5 Alternatives to Highly for Chrome

Bookmark OS

Unlock the potential of bookmarks!

Coming along nicely.
Dave Lynam- Founder,
Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting! Hi Product Hunters! I'm Dave, the creator of BookmarkOS. BookmarkOS is an online desktop for organizing, sorting, and browsing your bookmarks. How this product came to be is that over time my Chrome bookmarks became so cluttered that I stopped using them and began dragging urls to my desktop. This worked well as I was able … See more
18 Alternatives to Bookmark OS

What are the best browser extensions for organising & tagging bookmarks?

Gareth FullerSoftware Developer at @Bitbonds - Smart bookmarks
"It's the best one that I've found so far. I used delicious for years and I really liked it. Raindrop seems to be the best replacement. One … See more
Candy - Bookmarks for the 21st century.
"Can’t remember the rebranded name off hand, but I hunted these guys awhile back and it’s amazing. Definitely check them out. Super polished… See more
Toby - Better Than Bookmarks
"This thing is a gift. I know all of you have 50 tabs open right now of things that you'll be reading later - but you don't know when later … See more
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