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Your simple calorie counter & tracker
Hi PH!! We are excited to launch our newest app: Calory - super simple calorie counting app.
Counting calories is a basic way to make you aware and stay aligned towards your daily suggested food intake goals.
Hope you like it!
7 Alternatives to Calory

Lifestyle tracker and calorie counter

Maks Koseda
Maks Koseda- 16yo maker from Poland 🚀
Takes care of the health aspect. Scanning products is super easy (you can scan the barcode or, if you pay for premium, just take a picture of the meal!). It definitely made me healthier overall
Jeff Waters
Jeff Waters- Product Manager, VIPole
I have been using Lifesum too. I like it a lot.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
Would be worth checking out Lifesum also. I think you're already using the best apps available though 😀. I haven't found anything perfect for tracking both. I think it's a tough space since what people do for diet/exercise is generally so different. Too much to fit in a single app.
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Auto track calorie intake, water & emotional state and more.

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Designed and manufactured by Healbe™ Corp., , GoBe 2 is the first device designed to help people lose and maintain their weight by automatically tracking and providing them with their calorie intake and other information they need to adjust their lifestyle habits.
In order to see what the future of medical wearables could be like, I've spent the past few weeks with the new GoBe 2 strapped to my wrist. The device was soft-launched to a group of pre-order customers a few months ago, with more going on sale at some point this fall.
Explore the software, services, and tools that HEALBE uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
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MiniBite is a calorie tracking app that makes calorie tracking fun & rewarding. Players raise a MiniMonster by logging food, exercise and water so that you can defend Minihaven from the evil dragons. In order to master the game you must master your own health.

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Built In Austin
Austin's thriving tech sector wouldn't be what it is today without recurring waves of new, early-stage companies joining the scene. Our economy relies on a healthy mix of established, seasoned tech companies alongside green startups hungry for innovation. And we're keeping tabs on both. Here are five recently launched startups you should be tracking.
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6 Alternatives to MiniBite

30 screens, 179 components, 26 icons to get you moving

Getting into or maintaining your shape takes time and effort, which can be hard to pull off in our modern lives. Tip the scales in your favor with the fitgoal UI Kit—designed to help move you at any level of fitness.

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Stop Counting Calories. Start Living Well.

An iOS app that allows you create your weekly meal plan, set per meal and daily reminders, weekly weight reminders, and more. Print out your menu to a PDF.

Apple watch and today widget extension so you are always up to date on your next meal.

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Desarrollador iOS
Tienes una idea genial para una app. Pero antes de ponerte en marcha te preguntas "¿Cómo podría validarla?" Llevo un tiempo trabajando en un concepto/prototipo de app para la gestión de menús y dietas, y he intentado validarla por dos métodos diferentes. Uno de ellos me ha dado grandes resultados, y con el otro, en fin...
Desarrollador iOS
La semana pasada te contaba la problemática que quería resolver con mi nuevo side project. Esta semana te cuento qué concepto de app tengo en mente, y qué tecnologías de iOS me van a ayudar a conseguirlo.
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7 Alternatives to My Fooder Plan

Shell-style calorie tracker with super efficient input

TacoShell is a website for nutrition tracking that has a simple, shell-style interface. You can add nutrients by simply typing a line instead of clicking through menus, which can save a lot of time. So for example, you can just write "230g chicken breast".

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