Alternative products to Callmaker for Slack

4 alternative and related products to Callmaker for Slack

Callmaker for Slack

AI-powered tool to immediately get more inbound sales

4 Alternatives to Callmaker for Slack

Voice Intelligence for Sales Calls

Build a powerful sales call channel leveraging leading AI and on-demand sales agents. Get your team more meetings with qualified leads!

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One of the questions I really like to ask to our clients is "How fast does your team reply to a new generated lead?" Companies are spending big sums on acquisition marketing, marketing automation platforms, content, SEO, etc. only to discover that thousands of their leads are buried deep down in the CRM - and are now stone-cold.
As a marketing consultant, I'm often privy to the challenges my clients have with sales. Reason: the two disciplines are converging rapidly, largely due to a phenomenon called inbound marketing. With the emergence of companies like Hubspot, marketing organizations are being tasked to support sales by automating the processes to [...]
Sales calls are an integral part of any sales team's lead generation efforts. It not only brings the human touch, but creates the opportunity to learn as much as you can about your leads, answer their questions in real-time and customize your message for their specific needs.
Sales coaching is the most important job a sales manager has. It not only maximizes the sales team's ability to discover customer critical insight, but gives sales reps the knowledge and tools to successfully contact and develop new prospects. However, most managers don't have the time or resources to see into their team's most valuable touchpoint: the sales… See more
2 Alternatives to VOIQ

AI assistant tracks and improve sales team performance

Sales Reps just hate to waste time filling in CRM. So our idea is to use natural language processing and machine learning to automatically capture all data directly from e-mails and upload them to the Client Account.

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I would like to share our Proof of Concept solution for B2B that we built for Magento and other B2B eCommerce platforms. While working on eCommerce for B2B Clients, we saw that these companies still struggle with Omnichannel. 60% of B2B companies say that their buyers spend more when interacting with multiple channels.
10 Alternatives to OXI - AI sales team assistant

Sales Assistant powered by AI

Edward works in the background on a mobile phone, listening to events such as phone calls, meetings or e-mails. In their context, he generates intelligent notifications and reminders.

The assistant automates the most typical activities related to creating summary notes or setting subsequent steps related to the sales process.

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We all remember those visits at the grandma's house when we couldn't possibly eat any more food but we forced another portion of cheesecake or egg salad. Granny could easily smash any objections you had and she didn't care about your arguments that your tummy was full and you couldn't even fit breadcrumbs in there.
Medium works on top of current data, integrating seamlessly into existing processes to help manage sales customers and pipeline. It supports old legacy software with an easy to use, intuitive interface.\nEdward complements traditional PULL software model - which requires to take action by user.
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