Alternative products to Caliber 2.0

7 alternative and related products to Caliber 2.0

Caliber 2.0
IM for LinkedIn. Instantly chat with your business contacts.
7 Alternatives to Caliber 2.0

Group messaging built for business

Wrinkl combines an easy-to-use group chat interface with a suite of native messaging tools designed to get work done and create a system of record. Wrinkl reduces clutter, distills what’s important, and supplies the tools to act on it—all without leaving the conversation.

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By Erik Katz I am amazed at how often I read articles on best practices for using group chat in the workplace. Recently, Slack published another exhaustive piece on how to set up various channels for teams, projects and functions, including specific naming conventions.
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Jumplead is marketing automation software designed to be lean. Create lead forms and landing pages, trigger follow up email nurture campaigns, send broadcasts, capture and segment leads. Chat with and message website visitors and leads.

Move your leads through your sales funnel from visitor to customer.

Jumplead includes exit intent, scroll based, time delay and Javascript triggered popups. They can also be multi-step, and triggered as steps in a multi-step embedded form sequence. Because Jumplead support progressive profiling you can use dynamic form elements to ask only unknown questions from a list of custom contact fields.
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Real IMs. Live Typing. One Page (made by a 15 y/o)

Rapid allows you to have multiple conversations all from one page, and better yet, you can see what your friend is typing: live. I made this with 2 other people, Noah and Harry. I programmed and designed everything (and I'm 15 👋), Noah does Support and Harry works on marketing.

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With Rapid, it's an entirely new kind of messaging platform / social network. We think it's really cool, so today we're going to explain to you - what is Rapid? Let's start from the very start: when you first visit See more
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