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Cafe X alternatives and competitors

The world's most advanced system for serving artisanal coffee, tea, and more. Utilizing an industrial robot arm with a quirky personality, Cafe X's Robotic Coffee Bars are capable of consistently producing up to three drinks in 40 seconds. With the mobile app, guests can order ahead and pick up their drink within seconds.

Top alternatives for Cafe X

Monitor, debug and test real-world CX flows in minutes
  • Coffeelinks by Buy Me A Coffee

    Easiest way for creators to sell online

    Love the idea behind this product. Definitely going to use it to create paid access to a few templates/files etc on my website.

  • Coworking.Coffee

    Coworking.Coffee is an online platform with the best workplaces with coffee and wifi, curated by a community, all around the world

    this platform is free and maintained by a community of coworking lovers. It's built to last.

  • Sudden Coffee

    Awesome instant coffee

    Can't beat the convenience! Great to have on hand when you need a quick, quality cup of coffee. IMO, flavor is definitely better than Sbux a…

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  • Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

    Delicious coffee, fresh-roasted, delivered to you.
  • Serve

    Today we’re introducing something that we’ve been working on for the past two years, Serve. Serve is the new addition to our fleet; an internally developed autonomous delivery rover. Serve is a first of its kind with socially aware navigation that combines design and technology.

  • Creator

    Serving the world’s freshest cheeseburger for just $6.


  • Eatsa

    The robot restaurant that serves Quinoa
  • Robo Esso

    Robot coffee shop using off-the-shelf equipment to customize their menu faster and offer a large variety of drinks at a lower price than other robot coffee shops.
  • SaviOne

    A revolutionary delivery robot for the services industry
  • RoboJuice

    We've designed a kiosk with a friendly robot to make healthy drinks such as juices and smoothies.
    We're using Natural Language Processing (AI) to enable the robot to interact with people to take voice orders, educate about the health benefits of each drink.
  • Reis & Irvys

    Through an interactive touchscreen ordering system,
    you simply choose flavors, then toppings,
    and the robot does all the rest — in 60 seconds or less!
  • Hyphen Makeline

    Payment required
    Hyphen is a full-stack company that automates food production for digital orders (delivery, pickup, drive-thru, QR code). They have a world-class team with leaders from Apple, Tesla, SpaceX, Uber, Instacart, Postmaes, Sweetgreen, and Middleby.
  • MAC'D

    MAC’D is a fast-casual, build-your-own mac & cheese restaurant. Customers pick a cheese sauce, a pasta base, add unlimited toppings like roasted broccoli and mushrooms, and top it off with anything from truffle oil to Hot Cheetos.