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10 alternative and related products to Bynder Orbit 2.0

Bynder Orbit 2.0
No more messy folders. All you need is Orbit.

Introducing categories, channels, and collections with Bynder Orbit. A more productive way to work with your files, all for free.

10 Alternatives to Bynder Orbit 2.0

Collaboration tool built for teams

Dropbox Paper is a place where you and your team can generate ideas together over an internet connection. Share any type of content, make changes to what you already have and get notified when someone else makes suggestions. The creativity flow has always better when teamwork.

Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan- Design Guy. Product Guy
Well designed and as dropbox user, works well for me. Though I love Bear much more cos of nesting architecture but paper is available literally everywhere that's one of reason, I used paper as my default note taking app. P.S Please make a native app for mac as well 🙏
Dan S
Dan S- iOS Engineer
Paper is great for team collaboration! I work at Junto ( and we use Dropbox Paper for almost every internal document. It's simple and powerful
Stefan Theofilos
Stefan Theofilos- Product Designer, Entrepreneur
I've recently started using Dropbox Paper. I love the simple UI of it.
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Collaborative notes for you and your team

Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for you and your team. It helps you get your most important work out of the noise of email & Slack and into a fast and focused workspace. Thereby helping your team organize the vast majority of institutional knowledge that today never makes it to a doc or wiki.

Travis R
Travis R- Founder living in Los Angeles
Dead simple and great!
Muhamad Farchan Fathurrahman
Muhamad Farchan Fathurrahman- Entrepreneur in Jakarta, Indonesia
I work with some event organizers. Notejoy help us collaborate much better for our work. It is a webapp/app/tool similar to Evernote but in my opinion notejoy is a bit better.
Sachin Rekhi
Sachin Rekhi- Founder & CEO @ Notejoy
Simple and powerful tool for capturing notes with your entire team, whether it's meeting notes, 1:1s, SQL queries, call scripts, OKRs, A/B test results, and so much more.
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Today I'm excited to announce the launch of the productivity app my co-founder Ada and I have been building over the last 2 years. Meet Notejoy , a better way to organize team docs.
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A modern file manager for power users

Michael Herrmann
Michael Herrmann- Founder,
fman fulfills all of the above requirements. It's fast, available on all OSs and has a Python based plugin API. It uses the dark Monokai theme popularised by Sublime Text and looks very modern. Its feature "GoTo on Steroids" is also inspired from Sublime Text's "Cmd/Ctrl+P" and makes jumping to any directory extremely fast. fman finally brings a wind of inno… See more
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Your files and snippets shelf

By providing a temporary space for your file- and app-content drags,

Yoink frees up your mouse to let you navigate more freely and comfortably to the destination of your files. Yoink accepts any file from Finder, and app-content from almost any app.

Stefan Steinbauer
Stefan Steinbauer
When you have Yoink on iPhone and Mac there is a handoff. Also good because it is a clipboard with a brain.
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Eternal Storms Software today released Yoink 2.0 for iOS and Yoink 3.5 for Mac, two major upgrades to the popular drag and drop-improving "shelf" app. For those unfamiliar, Yoink acts like a convenient shelf for users to drag in files and other content, do something else (switch apps, tabs, and so on) and then easily access those items again by dragging them… See more
Yoink is a terrific utility for MacOS by Matthias Gansrigler. It gives you a shelf at the side of your screen where you can drop files (or clippings, like URLs or text snippets). Think of it as a place to park drag-and-drop items temporarily, while you switch apps or whatever.
Yoink is the app I use on my Mac every day as a temporary spot to park files, snippets of text, images, and URLs. By itself, Yoink for Mac has been a fantastic time-saver. The latest updates to Yoink for iOS and the Mac, however, have been transformative.
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A macOS file manager for power users.

Marta is a file manager for macOS. It is native, extensible and amazingly fast.

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Hello, everyone! I'm happy to announce the release of Marta 0.7. Also, there are two more project news. Keep reading :) Before I started investing time in Marta, I tried a lot of macOS file managers. All of them were quite mature applications with lots of features.
Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce the next version of Marta, 0.6.1.It brings a lot of exciting features - and also the new configuration format.Why Marco...
Hello, everyone! Some time passed since the last release of Marta. And today I'm excited to announce the next version of the neatest macOS file manager! It's not my words; it's just the extremely encouraging feedback I continuously get from you, users. Thank you!
Hi there! I'm Yan, a developer of Marta. It's a nice file manager for macOS, try it out! :) Over a year ago, I posted the first blog post here and released Marta 0.1. I'm really glad lots of you liked Marta, and the feedback you provided over the year was highly valuable.
If you ask what I need from a file manager application, there will be a number of requirements: The app should be fast and robust. No excuses. Its UI should be good enough. I'm not a designer but every time I see unequal paddings, my eyes bleed.
Hello! After a short delay, I am happy to announce the release of Marta 0.4.3. The most noticeable thing is that Marta 0.4.3 comes with the new default theme called Kon. A single picture is worth a thousand words. You may also notice that the main window now uses the unified title bar.
Marta 0.4.2 is here, and I'm excited to tell you about the new features! I hope you're aware of what Spotlight is, and I don't need to say anything about how it increases your productivity. I just say it is now seamlessly integrated into Marta.
Today I'm happy to announce the next release of Marta! In the following, I will describe some notable changes. As always, you can read the full list of them in the changelog. Many years ago, I used WinDirStat to find huge files on my PC. Now I'm on Mac, and I really missed its simplicity.
The previous version of Marta was out quite a while ago, and today I'm happy to release the 0.4 update! Write support means you can do any mutating file operation like copying or deleting files just like you do it for the ordinary files.
Beep beep, the new version of Marta is here! The features this release brings open new horizons as Marta gradually becomes the fully functional file manager. Yes, ZIP files are now natively supported. It means that you can work with ZIP (or JAR) archives just as with directories and use almost all Marta actions including Copy, Open with and others.
Marta 0.2.1 is out! This is a maintenance release with only a few number of the new features. Much more coming soon! This version brings the "Go to path" completion, non-sheet dialog windows, a context menu for breadcrumbs, and a number of bugfixes. As always, you can read the full list of changes in the changelog.
Today I'm happy to release the Marta 0.2! This release brings the tabs support, Terminal integration and a number of API enhancements. Tabs really matter. It was one of the most awaited features of Finder. Of course, you could open multiple windows before, but switching between windows is not so convenient as tab switching.
I'm happy to announce the release of Marta 0.1.3! It brings the multi-column mode and the initial Vim mode support, as well as a number of bugfixes. You can read about all changes in 0.1.3 in the changelog. The download link is here.
Marta 0.1.1 was released around a week ago, and now it's the time for another update! One of the features requested by Marta users was the Touch Bar support. As MacBook Pro 2016 doesn't have proper functional keys, you had to enable the Function Keys option in Preferences or press Fn each time you wanted to copy or rename some file (in order to press F5 or ⇧… See more
Marta 0.1 was released around a week ago, and it was quite a success. More than 700 people requested an invite on the first day, and I received a lot of valuable feedback and feature requests. The launch clearly let me know that I'm not the only one who needs the good file manager on macOS.
Did you ever think about what application you use the most on your computer? Probably it's the web browser or some tool you use for work, like the text processor or the IDE. But it's hardly the only app you see regularly.
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Yoink simplifies drag and drop on your Mac.

André Hess Brenes
André Hess Brenes- Strive to build kickass web platforms
Because of Mac Os windows I usually struggle drag and dropping files. Yoink allows you to pin the file you want to drop on a side of the window to hold it until you find the right place to drop it. Must have.
Matthias Gansrigler
Matthias Gansrigler- CEO/Developer, Eternal Storms Software
An app I developed to make moving or copying files around on your Mac easier.
Rami Habal
Rami Habal- entrepreneur
Great app that also stays out of the way... I use this daily
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