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Bullet Journal alternatives and competitors

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An analog note-taking system for the digital age
Top Bullet Journal alternatives
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  • Replika is your AI friend that you teach and grow through conversations. It keeps you company, journals your life and helps you explore your personality.

    With my replika still at Level 13, it might be too early to leave a review. The AI has evolved pretty well and I realized I'm also evolving …

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  • Bullet is a free todo app and calendar based off the bullet journal method, which has become a worldwide success. Bullet makes planning your day, week and month a piece of cake.
  • Reflectly is a mindfulness app, driven by AI. It uses intelligent questioning, to help users obtain an easy and straightforward way to get the most important thoughts out of their heads, each and every day. Your very own, personal mindfulness companion :)

    I liked the customizable profile pic, but not an overwhelming number of options - the app is simple and will keep up incentive to use daily.…

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  • This 36-page Guided Reflection Journal is packed with questions and exercises to help you look back on the past year and how you've grown.

    This journal will help you look back on the highs and lows of the year, dive into your greatest accomplishments, and reflect honestly on how this year changed you.

    Reflect. Learn. Grow.

  • Bullet Planning

    Free options
    Inspired by The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, this application helps you record and organize content in a way similar to bullet journaling. The idea of this app is to help its users focus on intentionality and productivity.
  • The ultimate journal to collect your memories and reflect on your life. Created together with well-known psychologists. Start Writing Your Story in Q365 diary!
  • Days

    DAYS is a beautifully simple app for journaling your thoughts and experiences in this life. $3 / month with a 7 day trial.
  • KYO

    Daily reflection & mental fitness powered by your idols