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Bugsee alternatives and competitors

Top alternatives for Bugsee

The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Instabug

    Instabug allows testers and users to report bugs and send feedback in-app with simply shaking their phones. Instabug's SDK attaches screenshots, screen recordings, device details, user steps, and all the logs you need to debug and iterate faster.

    15,000+ of the top apps rely on Instabug for bug reporting, crash reporting and in-app feedback.

    magical , powerful and helpful SDK

    but the priceing for small startups some how big to pay monthly , i know the price for features we use is…

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  • Firelab

    4.5★6 reviews
    Free options
    Get stressed when users complain your app is broken? Eliminate bugs with automated testing to increase customer happiness, reduce churn and grow revenue. No code required.
  • Buglife

    Seriously awesome bug reporting for iOS apps
  • Kuoll e-commerce revenue monitoring

    All monitoring services capture data about errors. Kuoll e-commerce monitoring actually knows if an error is negatively affecting shoppers.

    ✔︎ detect revenue leaks

    ✔︎ monitor online store

    ✔︎ control release status

    ✔︎ track dev team KPI

    Really happy to hunt this product!

  • Sonar by Facebook

    Sonar is a platform for debugging mobile apps on iOS and Android. Visualize, inspect, and control your apps from a simple desktop interface. Use Sonar as is or extend it using the plugin API.

  • Uilicious Snippet

    Uilicious automates UI testing for web applications.

    Write tests that are

    - Readable and maintainable (without hardcoding ugly CSS or XPATHs or magic waits)

    - Share embeddable bug replication reports for your devs, and issue trackers.

    - Easily repeatable so you can swiftly replicate and verify bug fixes.

    Uilicious Snippets is free, forever.

  • Meticulous

    5.0★3 reviews
    Payment required
    Meticulous is a tool to catch JavaScript bugs in web applications with zero-effort. Insert our 1-line snippet onto your site and we record thousands of user sessions. We then replay those sessions on new code to find bugs for you, automatically.
  • Where to Report?

    Discovered an issue with a website, app or anything else? Want to report it to the creators but don't know where? Search on wheretoreport.xyz to find issue reporting links for products you love to use.

  • Airbrake

    Application monitoring for your entire stack
    Fix errors in minutes – Airbrake tells you in real-time what’s broken, where, and why. Gives you the scope and context to identify and prioritize the most critical errors, diagnostics needed to fix problems fast.
  • Discover a Bug

    All kinds of strange bugs are showing up. Different shapes, different patterns, different stories. Let's document the interesting ones. See if you can discover one too!
  • Testhub

    Testhub is an open-source tests results aggregator that makes it easy to upload tests results from CI pipeline and present them in a visual form, providing insightful analytics.