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Ridiculously simple user feedback widget

BugPlug is the quickest and most affordable way to conquer user feedback. Start listening to your users in 2 minutes with easy implementation. Pass your own custom variables and easily segment and manage submissions on an auto-generated Trello board.
OKR goal-planning and execution management software
11 Alternatives to BugPlug

We provide start-ups a simple tool to consolidate and manage public & private feedback.
Finally ending the 'feedback blackhole', with a transparent board for users to see what has already been suggested - allowing voting, commenting and tracking of progress.

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Our story began, as for many companies, with my co-founder and I building a totally different product. We were first-time founders working on an on-demand marketplace app; which, in case you were wondering, is one of the hardest apps to get to market with.
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Baruch Yochai
They have a new great feature called FEEDBACK which is embedded to your website
Natu Myers
The defacto product to help me get in the heads of my users
Roxana Eftene
Try this one! It does exactly what you described. It stores video snapshots so you can see exactly how your users interact with your website.
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Doorbell is a free in-app feedback gathering tool, for websites and mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Philip Manavopoulos
Slightly biased being the founder of Doorbell, but this does sound like the perfect use case for it! It's lightweight, easy to style (the form markup gets added to your HTML, no iframes), and the screenshots even work on internal sites (not publicly available online)
Philip Manavopoulos
Doorbell is also a 1 person team, I've been working on it for the past 3.5-4 years :)
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