Alternative products to Buddy

6 alternative and related products to Buddy


The dog collar re-imagined

6 Alternatives to Buddy

GPS tracker collar for dogs

Never lose your pet. 14% of domestic dogs go missing, with a large portion of them never returning home. The Mishiko Collar lowers this stat by giving your pet’s real-time coordinates with up to 4 meter accuracy. With Mishiko’s global. SIM-chip, you always know where your dog wherever you are in the world.

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An LED collar to keep your pet safe

We didn't go organic. We've always been.


Collar is Silicone waterproof. but not suitable for a dog swimming.

Weight: 0.1KG


1.Help to keep your dog & other pets dog safe and anti-lost during walking in night.

2.Provide safety for your dogs and pets while it's out alone at night.

9 Alternatives to LED Pet Safety Collar

Always know your dog is safe everywhere

The PuppComm is the award-winning monitor for your dog in an environment. The PuppComm monitors the environment around your dog including temperature/humidity, and sound and streams the data to an app on your smartphone so you can check on your dog and get alerts about any changes before they become problems.

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4 Alternatives to The PuppComm
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