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Brizzly+ brings Undo, Redo, Auto-deletion, Custom prompts and more to Twitter. Brizzly was a popular social media reader launched in 2009 by Google Reader veterans before being sold to Aol in 2010. Founder Jason Shellen bought it back from Aol in 2017.
Top Brizzly⁺ alternatives
Bird Eats Bug
Perfect bug reports every single time
  • Refined Twitter improves the Twitter experience by removing cruft and adding useful features.

    Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

    Some of the best features are: Embedding linked Instagram photos directly in the tweet, syntax highlighting of code blocks, auto-loads new tweets in the stream if you're scrolled to the top, removes promoted tweets.

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    works perfect!

  • Loads quickly, takes up less space, and is data-friendly.
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    This PWA is just one awesome art of the web that keeps me hopeful. Used by many talk shows on "Web Technology" This app i more than just twi…

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  • You can go from light to dark as effortlessly as clicking an on-screen button, change tint hues to match any outfit, or cycle through your timelines with your keyboard. It's the same old Twitter, but with a fresh new coat of paint.

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    Night mode toggle is super-awesome. Developer needs to get serious about offering a trial and fixing some of the bugs ASAP.

  • Tweet Tray is a small application which allows you to tweet from your desktop taskbar or menubar, without any distractions.


    - Windows 10, macOS, Ubuntu

    - Custom Profile Color

    - Night Mode

    - Launch at System Start

    - Images / GIF Support

    - 8 Languages

    - Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Alt + T Shortcut

    Core technology consists of Electron, React, Redux and Styled Components. This project is 100% open source, anyone can contribute.

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    Tweet without the distractions! What more is there to say.

  • Create a custom Twitter experience.
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    tweetdeck is awesome!

  • Twttr

    Twttr streamlines your twitter surfing process by prioritizing user-friendly features.
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  • Twubbler

    Get out of your Twitter bubble and see things from other people's perspective! Twubbler lets you see what others see when they look at Twitter. 👀
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  • TwitterLatest

    “Is there a Chrome extension to fix the Twitter bug that keeps switching you back to the ‘top tweets’ feed even if you keep selecting ‘show latest tweets’?” - Benedict Evans
    ✨This is it!
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