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Secure group video chat
Simple video chat with full end-to-end encryption. No accounts, nothing. Just a plain URL that is shared among participants. No installation, just works in an modern browser, even on iOS and Android. It is free and Open Source. Enjoy your next!
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Peter Mello
Peter Mello
After 20 years of Byzantine methods for using PGP to secure your communications, finally someone figured out how to make it painless. Somehow they manage to get you following infosec best practices without it being a chore. The free encrypted storage and file sharing kicks ass, and the teams feature lets you communicate with one or many people under a Get Sm… See more
Taylor Banks
Taylor Banks
Several novel approaches to enable simple, private and secure communications.
5 Alternatives to Keybase for Chrome

Xifrem is a chat application offering both symmetric and asymmetric encryption completely client-side, meaning that text is encrypted in your browser through a password or a public key before being sent to the recipient and only the recipient can decrypt it.

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safer chat is an end-to-end encrypted chat (no one but the participants can read the messages) that allows to create rooms with up to 4 participants, the idea is to have what cryptocat used to be, without the need to install browser extensions or applications.

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