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Brick or Potato alternatives and competitors

Tap into cash-flowing commercial real estate investments
  • Send glitter to the people that deserve it
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  • This tool will help you send them a GDPR Data Access Request designed to waste as much of their time as possible.
    They are legally required to respond to your request within 30 days
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  • Mail a Meme was established to fill a gaping hole in the market. It was set up with the dream of every man, woman and child being able to receive something funny in the mail. Mail a Meme allows meme enthusiasts from around the world to share and enjoy their memes in the mail.

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    Loved sending a meme in the mail, my friend found it very very funny.

  • Shit Express

    Send shit to someone anonymously with Bitcoins
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  • Send awkward postcards to people, and make them look like a dipshit to their postman, roommates, coworkers, or family--the possibilities are endless!

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    can u not?

  • Send a message in a bottle anywhere in the world.
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    I used this to send my fiancΓ© a note on her birthday. It was a way better experience than just going to safeway and getting a card

  • Greeting cards play non-stop. Spread glitter when broken.
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  • Mango Message

    Give us a message, and we'll give them a mango. Send a custom message, handwritten on a mango to ANYONE. Tell us what to write and where to send it, and the customized mango will be on its way. Use code PHUNT for a Product Hunt only discount!
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    im shocked this even made it on here

  • The Awful Box

    The perfect statement purchase for that luxury-obsessed consumerist in your life. So, what’s in the box? Assembled by our team of expert artisans, the box consists of seven, unique novelty items that we can 100% guarantee you’ll only find in the Awful Box.

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  • Post A Note

    Type a message, and we will mail it. Seriously! We will print it on thick laminated cardstock and ship it in 3-5 business days.
    - Takes 30 seconds.
    - Costs $2.00 USD
    - No sign-up. No ads. No email required!
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  • Budgel

    Create audio, text, or photo messages, and leave them anywhere in the world for others to find. Go hunting for exciting, secret messages that have been left by other users, which you can only access when you get near.
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  • SendShrug.com

    Send a shrug printout to anyone in the world!
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  • Fruitey

    Send a Fruitey to anyone from your best friend to your grandma. Makes every occasion special

    PRODUCTHUNT15 <---- Use Code Get 15 % OFF first order!

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  • Cashbox

    Payment required
    Need a fun original way to gift cash to someone? Make it personal and fun with a cash box. Our classic retro box is here to help put a smile on the face of your special someone.
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  • Infinite Wacky Waving

    Infinite Wacky Waving is something that has unlimited possibilities and yet finite prospects.

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