Alternative products to Brainstorming on Slack

7 alternative and related products to Brainstorming on Slack

Brainstorming on Slack
Brainstorm with your team on Slack to find smart solutions

Brainstorming with your team directly in Slack is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to find the smartest solutions to the problems you’re trying to solve every day.

So what problem are you trying to solve today?

You and your team are going to nail it together in a matter of minutes by brainstorming directly in Slack.

7 Alternatives to Brainstorming on Slack

Your team's collective knowledge, everywhere you need it

Giovanni Berthelot
Giovanni Berthelot- Customer Support Manager @Dailymotion
- Verification period can be set on your cards to make sure everything is updated - Slackbot to let you know when a new content has been created - Chrome app to let the knowledge follow you, no matter where you are
Jakub Rogalski
Jakub Rogalski- Community Manager at Brand24
We've been using it for quite some time now at our company and have found it super helpful in sharing internal knowledge. It's easy to use so anyone in the team can quickly access the information they need in a given moment.
Justin Grenier
Justin Grenier- Director of Client Services, Articulate
Guru comes highly recommended from a group of Support professionals in my network. We're not using it yet, but it's on my list to evaluate!
3 Alternatives to Guru

AI-powered Q&A knowledge base for Slack teams

Build an AI powered knowledge base right within your Slack team,Save messages, posts or whole threads from Slack to OneBar. Turn conversations

into documentation in just a few clicks.

Maxim Leonovich
Maxim Leonovich- Co-founder at
You should consider OneBar. We are working on all sorts of ML-driven features that make KB management waaaay easier. You can literally build a wiki just from your existing Slack conversations.
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What is the very first thing a new employee has to learn when joining a company? That's right - it's internal jargon. Even the smallest teams have their way of naming things: project code-names, industry-specific terms, customer nicknames, acronyms, etc. It's always a great idea to provide your new hires with a glossary of company-specific words.
About a year ago we launched the first version of OneBar. The idea was simple: One search Bar for all your needs at work. It was a tool that could integrate with systems that you use at work, and search them all at the same time. A lot of people liked it, except...
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Slack chat bot that feeds you sales and market intelligence

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Attentive, a Techstars Boulder alumnus, closing of a $1.2M Seed round co-led by Lisbon based Indico Capital Partners and Luxembourg based Mangrove Capital Partners. This also marks Mangrove's first ever investment into a Portugal-based start-up. The southern-European country has surged as a Europea...
5 Alternatives to Attentive for Slack

Find smarter solutions with your team. Way faster.

Brainsto is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to find the smartest solutions to the problems you’re trying to solve everyday thanks to your team’s intelligence.

Brainsto is becoming freemium soon. For our beta launch today and for our Product Hunt friends, we offer a 3-month unlimited access for you and your teams.

Pierre Gourlaouen
Pierre Gourlaouen- CTO, Braineet
We made this tool to find solutions with our remote team/clients and there is an integration with Slack
5 Alternatives to Brainsto
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