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Brackets 1.0

Brackets 1.0 alternatives and competitors

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An open-source text editor for web designers by Adobe

Top alternatives for Brackets 1.0

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  • Code.xyz

    1 review

    Code.xyz is an in-browser code editor — an embeddable development environment for easily building APIs, webhooks, and workflow automation tasks that run atop the StdLib serverless platform.

    Write code, click run, and we handle the rest: host your code, build your documentation, and give you everything else you need for an Enterprise-quality API.

    This is the best online code editor I've ever seen! Clearly a ton of thought and time went into it. :) Really nice way for me to quickly try…

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  • Writty

    2 reviews
    Writty is a free open-source text editor that helps you focus on your writing. It comes with all the basic editor functions, image uploader, PDF export, autosave, word counter and dark mode. You can add Writty to your bookmark or install the Chrome Extension.
  • TextMate 2.0

    Powerful and customizable text editor with support for a huge list of programming languages and developed as open source.
  • Smart Text Editor

    1 review
    Smart Text Editor is a vanilla JavaScript PWA that allows you to work on your coding projects from any device, in any browser, even if you don't have Internet access. Want to edit HTML files in real time, right from the browser? Open it with Smart Text Editor!
  • Article Editor

    Payment required
    Article Editor made for complex rich content, which should look the same as on the site page or in the application. It works on iframe, so you can connect any frontend framework to it to display styles, for example, Bootstrap, Bulma, etc.
  • Treee

    1 review
    let's use "Treee" to structure your thoughts. Program design, article outline creation, cooking recipes.
    "Treee" performs almost all operations on the keyboard, so learning shortcut key bindings makes editing a document very quick and easy.
  • TryCode

    TryCode is a realtime collaborative code editor. It's very fast! Just check it.
    - Live mode
    - Run HTML and JS (ES6) code without reloading the page.
    - Password protection code.
    - Read only mode, which allows edit the code only you.
    - etc.
  • Typewrite

    1 review
    Typewrite is a streamlined version of its mechanical counterpart that you can carry around in your pocket. Its minimalist design provides a clean, and distraction-free writing experience, without detracting from the nostalgic feel of a real typewriter.