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Box Notes alternatives and competitors

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A note-taking app built for teams
  • Coda is a new type of document that blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of apps into a single new canvas.

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  • Docs, wikis, tasks – a minimal & unified workspace for teams
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    I wanted to deploy confluence and thought this was just a mac app but boy was I wrong. I don't think I'll ever use confluence again

  • Dropbox Paper is a place where you and your team can generate ideas together over an internet connection. Share any type of content, make changes to what you already have and get notified when someone else makes suggestions. The creativity flow has always better when teamwork.

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    Use Paper to manage technical stuff and my team, and love it. Just the right number of features, document crosslinking and image embedding f…

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  • nuka

    5 reviews
    Payment required
    Hi, it's nuka.me!
    BBC featured & 3 times reddot awarded eternal stationery
    Reusable notebook & never-ending pencil
    It comes with an app that turns handwriting into digital
    Shipping started Oct. Currently sold out 6500/6500
    Pre-order with -30%, get one in Feb
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  • Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place.

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    It's a really nice app for remote teams. The only downside is that it doesn't allow kanban alike canvas to manage projects.

  • Zoho Notebook is a note-taking application that lets you take text notes, create checklists, and add files and photos. With this release, Notebook is now available across all devices.

    Notebook uses a unique "note card" concept that gives you formatted templates for the different type of notes you take.

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    Keep up the good work

  • A simple and private notes app.
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    A worthy alternative to OneNote (slow start up, freezes and glitches, too bloated), Evernote (can fall down out of wifi area), Bear (Markdow…

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  • Work with people, not files. Now with spreadsheets.
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    Quip enhances the idea of Google Docs with more advanced collaboration functions which is great if you are looking for one place to work and…

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  • Notabase

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    Free options
    Notabase is a powerful and easy-to-use note-taking app for networked thinking. Connect your ideas together and write more effortlessly.
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  • Paper

    🔥PWA Based
    📖 OpenSource
    ⛓️ Easy Share
    🔌 No Internet
    🖥️ LocalStorage
    📠 Share through QR
    🌗 Dark/Light Theme
    📱🔄📱 Easy Mobile🔄PC/Mobile Note Transfer
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  • FSNotes is modern text editor (like nvALT) on steroids.

    FSNotes respect open formats: plain/text, markdown, rtf, and stores data in file system. You can view, edit, copy data in favourite external editor and see live result in FSNotes.

    Markdown eidtor highlight code blocks on 170 languages, inline images available too.

    Swift 4, open source.

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    the only fast and simple note app I know of, that has code highlighting and a very nice markdown support

  • Notekeeper

    An easy to use note keeping app available on all platforms with data stored on your own storage! Fully decentralized based on Blockstack platform. Also, fully open source!
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  • Features
    🎯 Simple note-taking
    🎯 Emoji based To Do
    🎯 Checklist
    🎯 Dark mode
    📌 Template for the design process
    📌 Gestalt principles checklist
    📌 Heuristic checklist
    Lot more templates are upcoming...🤘
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  • Noteli

    Noteli is an Open Source CLI tool made especially for note-taking. Noteli is built using powers of TypeScript and security of Auth0 with MongoDB.
    Noteli would help developers to take notes quickly from the shell without wasting time through GUI :P
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  • Purelist

    Purelist is an essential part of Minimalist living.
    You can do a lot of things with this one, but the screen is very simple and minimal.
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  • Note Garden

    Hey Hunters 👋
    Here is NOTE GARDEN!
    How to Contact:
    E-Mail: learnobit@gmail.com

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  • NoteMaster Beta

    NoteMaster is built for minimalists. It's the go-to lightweight app for quickly jotting down notes, and the best part is that it's free forever! NoteMaster is maintained in the open-source community and will continue to receive updates for the future.
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  • /tap

    /tap is a powerful and customizable note-taking system. Like a blank notebook, its strength comes from its simplicity. With a few special tools, you can build any note-taking system you want, complete with methods to track, organize, and visualize your ideas.
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  • Aspen breaks your most used apps out of your browser and gives you instant access to them from anywhere on your desktop. Apps like Gmail, LinkedIn, Github, or any URL can be opened in a single click from the Aspen dock or with a customizable keyboard shortcut.
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  • Yana

    Yana is a intuitive notebook app that is easy to get started with and free to use. Organize your thoughts by tagging, searching and structuring your notes in tree views. Scribble in rich text notes, sketch scripts in code editors, manage todo-lists and more!
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