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19 alternative and related products to BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube
Build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker for curious kids
19 Alternatives to BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

A new speaker lamp by Sonos and IKEA

IKEA and Sonos have created a great sounding, great looking piece of furniture that blends into the home in a new way, making it easier to furnish with sound.

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Rather than attempt to deliver a decent audio experience (and likely mess it up), it's collaborated with Sonos on both these WiFi speakers-in-disguise. The two companies say it's about a shared passion. "IKEA is always looking for ideas that improve life at home.
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Sonos and Ikea have fully unveiled the pair of speakers that the two companies have collaborated on for years. The Symfonisk table lamp ($179) and bookshelf speaker ($99) will both ship this August and be sold exclusively at Ikea's stores.
Ikea and Sonos are partnering on a a new range of connected speakers that will be available in August 2019. The Symfonisk speakers aren't just cheap Ikea speakers with a Sonos logo. You'll be able to control the speakers from the Sonos app just like a normal Sonos product.
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A clever speaker for kids

Yoto is a clever speaker made for children, with a carefully curated library of audio content that adapts and grows with your child.

Inspired by Montessori principles, Yoto is an audio player that works with physical cards to give children back control over what they choose to play.

Now on Kickstarter!

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Bluetooth speakers that can be hung on your bag or bike

HAVIT E5 TWS Bluetooth Speaker features a unique spliting design that allows you to hang it on your belongings, and securely clip it with the magnetic absorption. It comes with impressive specs like IPX7 waterproof, TWS (pairing two E5 together), 4000 mAh battery (30 hrs playback) that can be used to charge other devices. Won Reddot award in 2018

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Are you looking for a wireless speaker that is tiny, yet can deliver a surprising amount of musical punch? Decorated with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, the Havit E5 Bluetooth speaker is just that and more: an affordable musical sidekick that you can easily carry around with you and one that is water-, mud- and shockproof.
The portable Bluetooth speaker h-E5 consists of two parts, which are connected by a magnetic suction mechanism. They are easily separated and can be attached to an object like a bike or rucksack with a connection piece. One f...
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Portable IP67 waterproof bluetooth speaker

Turtlebox is the ultimate outdoor speaker with enough volume for any outdoor experience.

Get up to 120dB of distortion-free sound that cuts through wind and distance in a waterproof, dustproof, and shock resistant IP67 rated box. Connect two together for amazingly realistic true L/R stereo sound!

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