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14 alternative and related products to Bootstrap Themes

Bootstrap Themes
Official themes from Bootstrap's creators
14 Alternatives to Bootstrap Themes

Bootstrap builder for busy developers

Bootstrap Shuffle is a tool to help developers ship faultless projects on time, within a presumed budget and without stress. It maximally accelerates the initial stages of the project so that you have more time and can focus on perfecting the details.

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Bootstrap builder for busy developers
After 11 years of work in web-development, I have learned that there will always not be enough time for a perfect completion of a project.
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Built with the newest Bootstrap 4 and maintained in famous Google’s Material Design style. Our stash includes templates for:

- Landing pages

- Admin dashboards

- Blogs

- Portfolios

- E-commerce websites

- Software agencies

and many more…

Provided tutorials and detailed documentation for 400+ available material UI elements.

15 Alternatives to Bootstrap 4 & Material Design Templates

Free Admin for Bootstrap 4, React, Angular, Vue.js

Material Dashboard is a Free Bootstrap 4 Admin built on top of Material Kit ( It is Open Source released under MIT License so you can use it for personal and commercial projects without any issue.

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However, my point was that many applications, due to laziness of designers and/or programmers, play an animation and then begin to execute the work requested. The facile argument made by these designers is that the animation is relatively brief-say 300ms-so it's not a "big deal."
11 Alternatives to Material Dashboard v2

Ship and use chunks of Gatsby functionality as npm packages

Using a Gatsby theme, all of your default configuration is abstracted out of your site, and into an installable package. You can seamlessly update a theme, compose themes together, and even swap out one compatible theme for another.

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Web Developer at Apollo. Always learning! 3 min read · July 3rd 2019 Gatsby is a great tool for building static websites, and offers a lot of value when building pages based on a set of Markdown files. This makes it an ideal partner for building documentation websites, which are typically built statically, and updated by writing Markdown.
5 Alternatives to Gatsby Themes

A curated directory of the best Jekyll themes around

Jekyll Themes is a curated directory of the best premium and free Jekyll themes for your blog or website.

As well as highlighting the best themes from around the web, I'm creating my own original themes to help raise the bar for design in the Jekyll community. I've released five beautiful, minimal themes that work great for portfolios and blogs!

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Indie Hackers
Jekyll Themes is a curated directory of the best premium and free Jekyll themes for your blog or website. I'm also creating my own exclusive themes to r...
6 Alternatives to Jekyll Themes

Clean & simple theme built on vanilla Bootstrap 4

Replacer is a library of 9 amazing HTML templates and 9 inner pages for Bootstrap 4, made without any third-party plugins making it super easy to create and customize your own working websites in minutes using only native Bootstrap 4 features

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