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Boop alternatives and competitors

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Boop is a place for developers to paste text and transform it using basic operations such as JSON formatting, unescaping, base 64 encoding, etc. The idea is to make those tasks quick to access and avoid having to paste your precious data into random websites.
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  • A popular suite of developer tools, now 100% open source.
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  • CoderNotes is a platform for developer notes and code snippets. It lets you have a centralized place for tricky or recurring issues, while also allowing you to make those notes public, helping the next developer who searches the issue on Google.
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  • FastScripts 3

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    Quick and streamlined execution of your scripts from a custom menu bar icon, or via keyboard shortcut. FastScripts improves the process of locating and running your scripts in the context of whichever app you're currently working.
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  • Stashany

    Do you taking notes or having a to-do list in Atom or VS code? Stashany keep the text editor note taking experience but with note management and let you access anywhere.
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  • Woop

    A Windows port of Boop by Ivan Mathy

    Woop is a scriptable scratchpad that allows you to run any transformations on your text using the built-in or your self-written .js scripts.
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