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Subscription box to find new, treasured children’s books!

Bookroo is a monthly subscription for kids ages 0-10. We combine the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new, treasured book! Each book is individually wrapped to help your child see reading as a gift.

We enable and empower parents to build their children's book collections and help children to fall in love with reading!

11 Alternatives to Bookroo

A lifetime of stories. Just a minute a week.

Child Journals is a LifeTales add-on that is tuned to making it very easy for Moms (and Dads and Grandparents) to give their future young adult an amazing gift — their life story!

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Looking for holiday gifts for the family that promote quality time spent together? Well, Katy Mann of Indy with Kids has some ideas both parents and kids will love! Katy, along with her daughter Lulu, join our FOX59 Morning Show to show off a variety of gift ideas both parents and children can enjoy.
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With LifeTales, you can transform your traditional photo albums into priceless treasures that includes video commentary from Mom and Dad over the years. This unique app is designed to generate personal stories to be shared privately with select friends and family. LifeTales encourages users to create thoughtful content about their lives.
From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, it's all about bringing family together to build memories. There are so many amazing ways to do this - from big gifts under the tree to simple things like bath time and hanging out together as a family, these are the moments that everyone will remember.
Mojitos and Munchkins | A Mom Blog
The holidays are right around the corner, which means that the hustle and bustle of life is about to approach a category 10 on the stress meter. Stores are already packed, Santa will soon be making the rounds, and (with any luck) deals will be running rampant.
I'm a mama who likes taking thousands of photos and videos of my kids. However, I realized that they are usually scattered in many places- on my phone, on my Facebook and Instagram, in my messaging apps, and on my laptop. I said to myself that someday I will organize these photos and videos.
Let Mom Review It
As we are getting ready to head back to school, we will all take out our cameras or phones and snap pictures of the first day of school. Then as the school year goes on, we snap more and more pictu...
Mommy Bear Reviews
LifeTales is strictly an online program. Just like Facebook or any other social network, there is no final destination for your content, like a photo album or a print on a mug. LifeTales is meant to be online and stay online, while giving you the freedom to invite people you want to share in the different stories of your life.
I know other mamas can relate, I feel like I can never, ever document the girls enough. They change soooo quickly, way too quickly, it's both amazing & heart-breaking all at the same time.
Confessions of a Parentless Mother
Social Media is a huge part of our lives. We share everything on the internet such us where we are, who we're with, pictures, videos, and live videos. We love feeling connected with each other 24/7. The hunger of oversharing became a norm in our lives.
Detail Oriented Traveler
We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. At no extra cost to you, I only recommend products I have experience with. LifeTales recently reached out to me to share their photo sharing app.
Yay Baby!
As a blogger and social media influencer it's in the job description to over share. All my social media accounts are public, anyone can look me up - I invite people to follow along. But, I do have to have to be careful about what I share, especially as the mother to a young daughter.
In The Know With JoJo
We think we'll remember every precious moment, funny face, and silly story. And we do! For a while... But the truth is, parenting is a head-full. There's so much to think about and keep track of that the day-to-day memories often fade until they become just a blur of feelings and emotion.
5 Alternatives to LifeTales Child Journals
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