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BookAuthority alternatives and competitors

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BookAuthority is a service that gives you personalized book recommendations from top industry leaders

Top alternatives for BookAuthority

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Good Books

    Good Books is a curated collection of book recommendations from the world's most successful, influential and interesting people. We've spent 6 months analysing 15,000+ book recommendations and have handpicked the best to add to your reading list.
  • Highly Reco

    Book recommendations by awesome people
  • Read This Twice

    4 reviews
    A compilation of books that influenced and shaped the top entrepreneurs, authors, investors, scientists, politicians, etc. Every single recommendation on the website has been verified and includes a quote and a source link to the recommendation.
  • Oku

    19 reviews
    Oku is the companion app for your bookshelf. Track your reading, review & recommend books, create custom collections & follow your friends to receive their updates.
  • Wisebooks

    3 reviews

    Wisebooks is a free database of book recommendations from world-class people across various disciplines, aimed at helping you read more and become better at whatever you want to do. Subscribe for bite-sized book recommendations in your inbox once a week!

    I’ve been using this already for weeks. Crazy to see it on PH now!

  • Digital Bookshelf

    Digital Bookshelf is a new educational project including a list of Top 20 Must-Read books for Product Managers and Designers. Here you find a brief information about its content and purposes. We believe that these books could be of irreplaceable assistance in helping you create a great product.

  • Most Recommended Books 2.0

    5 reviews
    MRB 2.0 is the biggest resource of verified book recommendations.
  • Bill's Bookshelf

    4 reviews
    📚 75+ Book recommendations by Bill Gates
    📺 Video reviews of books
    🔍 Hand curated from Gates Notes
    The best way to find books to read is through recommendations, what better if we could get it from the reading machine himself.
  • Maker Reads

    2 reviews
    There are millions of books and most of them are not worth your time. MakerReads is a humble attempt to solve this problem by providing the data you need to pick a book that takes you to the next level.
  • Book Recommendations For Entrepreneurs

    1 review
    I built a database of thousands of books recommended by the world's top entrepreneurs, investors, and thinkers.
    The site is pulling 24/7 data from hundreds of online sources, automatically adding new books every day.
  • Puzzleskill

    1 review
    Book recommendations by the people in a startup industry. 4 categories with 16 recommendations in each. Get advices on your next book by Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and many more.

    This product was very useful for me.

  • arkvl

    Arkvl is a web-app that generates book recommendations based on your favorite authors and genres. Rate the books you like or dislike and we'll find the perfect book for you to read next!
  • Design Book Club

    The Memorisely book club is made to help designers form a healthy habit of reading. We read a design book-a-month together and jump on a zoom call at the end of the month with the author to share perspectives, and learn from eachother. It's free and fun 📚
  • Books At Work

    Books At Work sends 20 minute non-fiction book summaries to all the employees in your company via email each week. Your employees who don't get time to read books can make use of these summaries to develop themselves. Hopefully, a company that uses BooksAtWork.co will become smarter each day.

  • Goodreads for Amazon

    Always forgetting to see what Goodreads has to say about a book before you buy it?
    With the Goodreads for Amazon Chrome Extension, you can read high-quality Goodreads reviews on the Amazon product page, without having to leave the site.
  • NextBook

    NextBook is a robust recommendation system to help you find the next book to read. Based on your preferences, we filter through 10K books from a diverse array of genres and over 6M ratings to curate the the best possible set of recommendations.
  • Chapter

    Chapter helps you discover new books on your phone. Its recommendation engine combines data from all of the worlds major publishers and bookstores to help you discover your next book.
    Just swipe and find your next read. It feels just like browsing a bookstore!
  • NextBook

    NextBook is an Android app that provides you all kinds of books based on your picked genres.
    The books are displayed in a simple UI with details like; name, image and short description of the book, Amazon rating and Amazon link to purchase the book too.