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Body Composition
Check your body composition and stay in shape!
You will be able to control your physical form and your state of health in a simple and reliable way. With different measurements of your body, you can have all the information you need to get to know yourself and start achieving your personal goals.
5 Alternatives to Body Composition

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They say the scale doesn't lie, but maybe it's not telling the whole truth - like how your new daily pushup routine is sculpting your arms. That's the idea behind Naked Labs ' Naked 3D Fitness Tracker, a mirror that actually scans your whole body to give you better idea of how those hours on the treadmill are working.
In business and in fitness, it's a truism that you get the results you measure for. As a spinning instructor at San Francisco's Bay Club, Farhad Farahbakhshian saw what happened when exercisers made the mistake of believing what the number on the scale was telling them.
Farhad Farahbakhshian's broad shoulders barely fit inside the chat window. He's running me through a product demo for his new body-scanning scale on Skype. And to leave nothing to the imagination, he pulls out his iPhone, and begins swiping over a liquid metal rendering of his own physique.
The point of doing this is to help keep the user motivated on their fitness regimen by enabling them to accurately monitor and track how their body is changing as they get in better shape. This method closely mirrors hydrostatic testing, which determines your body fat percentage based on how much water you displace.
Anyone who's ever tried to lose more than a few pounds knows the harsh raw power of the bathroom mirror and the bathroom scales. For some of us, weighing in every day and looking at ourselves naked is all the motivation we need to hit the gym and eat better.
What if your reflection in the mirror could tell you to get your lazy butt back to the gym? We have the technology. A San Francisco startup called Naked Labs began taking preorders for its 3-D body scanning system today.
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BodyBarista allows you to get your body measurements and Body Fat % based on 2 pictures you take with the app in a mirror.

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There's a reason why there are so many of the Before and After photos on Instagram. Or the many weight loss transformation stories online. Weight loss and fitness etc. are a huge market, and the number of apps that cater to it, are proof.
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MeasureTalk is the first in its type of Artificial Intelligence-based body measurement & cloth measurement app and 3D body measurement based application which gives benefits to individuals and industries belong to the Fashion and Textile industry .

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MeasureTalk is the first in its type of Artificial Intelligence and 3D based application which gives benefits to individuals and industries belong to the Fashion and Textile industry. It helps them to design proper wardrobes according to the height and weight of an individual.
We have all struggled with the perfect measurements at the trial room, our favourite shopping sites or even at our beloved tailor. No piece of clothing seems to fit how we want them to. One size seems too large at the hip and a smaller size would be tight at the chest.
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