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Blerp is the easiest way to add a sound clip to any moment through its library of over 1M+ soundbites and integrations in Livestreams, Voice chats and Messaging apps!
Top Blerp alternatives
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  • Beep

    Beep - Friends Messenger is a fully loaded chat app for the younger generation that allows you to add creativity and fun to your voice messages. Don't know what to say? Or just want to be more entertaining? Throw a short audio bite from your favorite celebrity or social influencer to spice your voice messages up.


    Major key alert!


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  • Fireside

    Share soundbites of your favorite podcasts
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  • Sobo

    Share six-second sound bites
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  • Peal

    Instantly send popular soundbytes via FB messenger
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  • A way to share pop culture soundbites the way you share GIFs. Think of it like a soundtrack for life, or like GIPHY for sound.
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    It's amazing to be able to add fun audio lines from songs, movies or tv shows to my Instagram and other social media posts!! Love this