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Birdly for Slack

A Slack bot that does your expense reports

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Pleo - Expense Reports

A company card that does your expense reports

Pleo is a company payment card that does your expense reports and simplifies company spending.

Pleo, a start-up that offers companies payment cards and uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to automatically match receipts, has raised $3 million. The London and Copenhagen-based fintech firm is hoping to take on the likes of SAP-owned Concur and Expensify. "It's about bringing a new spending solution to businesses.
The Danish fintech startup Pleo only just entered its beta testing stage but already has more than 500 companies signed up for early access to its service. Why? Because Pleo offers something every employee and every manager and every accounting department at every company needs: a company card that automates expense reports.
There are a plethora of startups attempting to make filing company expenses suck less, such as Belgium's Xpenditure or U.S.-based Expensify, which focus on capturing expense data and making it easier to file claims. Now a new player Pleo is throwing its wares into the ring with a new company expenses card - both virtual and an actual physical card - that cla… See more
London and Copenhagen-based fintech startup Pleo, which offers a card and app to manage company expenses, has closed an additional $3.25 million in funding. The round was led by European VC firm Creandum, with participation from pre-seed and seed investor Seedcamp, and previous backer Founders.
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Sway Finance

Automated accounting for SaaS companies

Catherine Jue- Working on Sway <>
Hi all! One of the makers of Sway here. We launched earlier this year as a Slackbot that helps companies' gain a better understanding of their finances, and we're excited to launch our newest product, which is a bookkeeping service made specifically for SaaS companies. We got the idea when we realized that when it comes to a company's finances, one set of i… See more
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ExpenseBot 2.0

Expense reports done for you, not by you

Hemanth G- CEO, Wipadika Innovations
"Integrates with your credit card, calendar, email and mobile device to learn your habits as you spend and automatically track, categorize and add expenses to your report."
Ed Buchholz- Founder, ExpenseBot
Hey folks! It's Ed, one of the founders of ExpenseBot. Version 2.0 is a big update for us and we think you'll love it as much as we do. New iOS and android apps, fully rethought web experience, much better flow, and as always, a super friendly support team that will help you out should you run into trouble! Make sure to use promo code: HEYMEOW when subscrib… See more
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A smarter expense app, powered by budgets.

Duke Chung- Founder and CEO of TravelBank
Hi hunters! Today we are very excited to introduce TravelBank to the PH community. We created TravelBank to inspire a culture of predictability and savings; to redefine how employees create expense reports and help companies set the bar for a new generation of expense management. Today there’s a problem with business spend - expenses are unpredictable and… See more
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Your company's revenue and expenses, on Slack

Catherine Jue- Working on Sway <>
Hey guys, co-maker of Sway here! Super excited to share Sway with ProductHunt today. We're a Slackbot that integrates with Stripe and banks (through to help start-ups manage their company's finances. We give you your company's revenues and expenses straight to your Slack channel when you type "/finances". We also support flexible querying — type a… See more
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Receipt Donkey

Track receipts and store them in the cloud.

an app for storing personal or business receipts in Dropbox in one click. Just open the app, take a picture and all your receipts are stored in YOUR own dropbox folder. No setup, no fuss.

Kirill Zubovsky- Troublemaker. Founder. Dad
p.s. Whoever updated the 2nd photo with a screenshot + background off the website, thank you! That's a master class in how PH images should be done. lol . so simple, but so much more effective.
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Hiatus for iOS

Find & track your subscriptions. One-touch Bill Negotiation.

David Callis- Co-Founder, Hiatus
One last feature to mention for businesses: if you have a subscription service up your sleeve, then it's super to easy to start shipping via Hiatus. Plug in the product details (which we quickly but thoroughly verify) and then as an order comes in we'll send you your payment and shipping label. All you need to do is print off the label and ship something gre… See more
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Messenger & Slack bot for tracking your income and expenses

Kriti Sharma- Director, Mobile Products, Sage
Hi all, Very excited to get your feedback on Pegg. At Sage, we have been working with freelancers, small business and start ups for a while. Managing business admin, expenses, income and chasing payments has been their biggest pain point. Pegg is aimed at making financial processes as easy as texting for the masses. Sage is a global accounting software p… See more
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Humanized Survey Experience

An online conversational survey building tool that allows users to create and run customizable chatbot surveys on Messenger and WebChat

Chat platforms have now become 'the' medium of communication, while hosting scores of integrations including chatbots. Bots behave like Apps within a chat platform. Contrary to the general opinion, they do not replace humans but execute specific tasks you want them to do.
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Collect and send money as you chat

Nadège (҉orsin- Product Manager, Lydia
We've just released Lydia Bot. It’s the first payment bot for Slack: you just chat on your public channels as usual, and you ask the bot to collect money for you, when your co-workers owe you money. You can also ask the bot to send money for you to your co-workers. Your colleagues don’t need to use the mobile app, they’ll be able to pay you by typing their … See more
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Intelligent assistant bot for teams

Vishwa Krishnakumar- Co-Founder at YellowAnt
Thank you Jean(@aleattorium) for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters! Vishwa, Co-Founder of YellowAnt here. YellowAnt is an assistant bot for teams that helps you manage all your workplace apps through simple commands. The YellowAnt makes sure that you don't miss out on any updates relevant to you at work, so that you can focus on the important stuff - build… See more
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Nowdue for Slack

Super fast invoicing bot for small teams

Chris Laurent- Story teller at
Hey there everyone! I'm super excited to show you Nowdue for Slack! Nowdue is a super fast little Slack bot designed to make you change how you feel about boring invoicing tasks. When I first started dreaming up Nowdue, the product concept was heading down the same serious path most accounting platforms channel. The last thing anyone needs is another Xe… See more
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