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Biolinky for Android

Biolinky for Android alternatives and competitors

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BioLinky, a simple and beautiful tool to add all your links in one place, and have one url to share. It's not a new idea, but our free version kicks ass, It has as built-in analytics, link thumbnails, social icons etc.. Also, It has killer SEO.

Top alternatives for Biolinky for Android

Your all-in-one product research platform
  • Rebrandly

    Create and share links with your custom domain name
  • Magic Link

    1 review
    Hi dear hunters😻
    I'm one of CS student from Turkey 🇹🇷
    Last year I launched emoji url shortening as a service, self hosted and open source. Today I'm trying to create a new era for URL shortening services. I hope you like it, I look forward to your feedback.
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    This product was very useful for me.

  • Stacky.me

    1 review
    Connect all your social media accounts to a unique custom page. Use advanced tracking with UTM parameters, optimize CTAs, page views and clicks, and retarget users on multiple platforms using powerful pixel integrations.
  • Cutt.ly

    1 review
    Cutt.ly lets you understand more about click-through of your links. We give you a huge marketing tool with advanced URLs tracking system and custom daomains for free without any hidden commitments. Why? Because we believe that the best things should be free.
  • Goat

    Goat is a private URL shortener for teams. Make memorable and easy-to-share links just for your team using our short URL, ga.tc.

  • chl.li URL shortener

    chl.li is a URL shortener. A URL shortener. That's it. No tracking, no analytics. Just a URL shortener. Nothing more.
  • Magic Share

    In normal case, when you want to share links offline, you may want to use AirDrop or iMessage, but it's just complex. Use this app, you can show the QR code then let others to scan with the camera app. You can also share apps by using force touch on the icon.
  • + Link

    + Link is a free URL shortening service that offers visibility over the destination page. Instead of blindly redirecting, it analyzes the URL and gives you the possibility to review the results before moving on. Obfuscated destinations are an important part of phishing. By getting informed we stand a better chance of spotting these attempt.